Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed – Video

Look at how many warming periods – far warmer than today – that we’ve had in the past 10,000 years.

Civilizations flourished during those warming periods, and collapsed when they ended.

Should we blame humans for all those other warming periods?

See Rod Martin, Jr.’s answer in this great video.

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Climate Change Lies Exposed – Video”

  1. The chart is even more interesting, notice the Two cooling trends of Solar Warm period head line temperatures:
    7000 BC to 4000BC and 4750 BC to present day, it is arguable that there is one major trend of solar cooling from 7000BC to present.
    The Atlantis and Sahara four Solar Warm Periods are averaged out as the Holocene Maximum in other charts.
    No one has yet come up with the caseation of the massive drop in temperature around 8500BC, other than IMO a massive GSM coupled with a T7/T8 eruption. The drop covered a 200 year period, and possibly a disturbance to the overturning current into the Atlantic.

  2. The 8200 year event was a Bond event, nobody knows for sure why they happen every 1470+_ 500yrs. The last one was in 546AD 1472 years ago. We are due but you don’t want to be up to bat.

  3. If you throw in the Heinrich events and the Dansgaard-Oeschger there’s quite a bit to think about.

    From what I can gather there are two H events that don’t quite match the profile of such occurrences. This is because the sources of evidence, in this case Lithic deposits, could have come from North America or Europe as they were so close at the time.

    I went back to the other parts of the whole body of the work, ie: the H and O-G events, as one thing that stands out is the slight yet rapid raise in temperature before a long cooling and the obvious parallels today.

    It is thought that some form influence causes the huge calving events and one idea is the liquefaction of the sub-glacial soil layers hence my mention of a slight warming. This has been applied to the Laurentide ice sheet but we have Greenland’s snow accumulation at such a high and the ice rafting seems to occur so quickly it could be us at the plate

  4. If you can get a grip on the graph, It seems there were a lot of peoples in the last 10 k years that didn’t know what snow was, for hundreds of years or more at a time any where on the planet. I think it would be great if trees could grow on the poles once again. Don’t forget, GREENLAND is 10,000 feet deep in ICE, in a vast area. No one sailing the north seas a 1000 yrs. ago would have called a 10,000 ft, high glacier, Green-Land. Ten ft. per yr. average? Don’t glaciers top off at about 2mi. high?

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