Top epidemiologist – Up to 100,000 American lives could be saved with hydroxychloroquine

“There has never been a medical deception so vast.” “HCQ has become a political drug, not a medical drug.” “State medical boards are threatening doctors over its use. The doctors are being targeted for actually saving lives.”

21 Jul 2020 – Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, the top epidemiologist at Yale University at the Yale School of Public Health, made this stunning announcement on Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox last night; that if the FDA would allow all U.S. physicians to do what many of them are already doing – that is treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine – up to 100,000 American could be saved in the next 6 months.

“We’re basically fighting a propaganda war against the medical facts,” says Dr Risch. “(Hydroxychloroquine’s use) would be game changing.”

“I didn’t know you could have so much corruption in the medical field,” says Laura Ingraham. “Hydroxychloroquine has been in use for more than 65 years.”


So why would HCQ be so important? “Because if it becomes widely believed that there is a cure – and possibly a preventative for COVID-19, then this entire debate about masks – what masks – and shutting down the economy and not reopening schools – all of that becomes moot instantly.

“And what does that do? Kills off this main exploit the Chinese communists have been using to cripple the United States and to cripple President Trump – their strongest enemy among American Presidents ever!”

“Never before in human history has such a huge percentage of the world of medicine been deceptively swayed by the world of politics. They claim to still follow the scientific method – but they are not! They have been pressured into not following the scientific method – not following the science.”

“It’s incredible that thousands of physicians on the front-line of this war against COVID-19 know it works. They take it for themselves and their families, yet so many will not speak out for fear losing their medical licenses.

“That’s why it’s taken so long to sink in – because it’s unprecedented that physicians at the top would lie to the American public on such a dangerously large scale.”

“Wow! There has never been a medical deception so vast that it will deliberately cost up to 100,000 additional American lives – that could easily be saved – if only President Trump would place one call to the new head of the FDA, Commissioner Stephen M. Hahn … and tell him to rescind his order which forbade physicians from using their own best judgments with their patients when it comes to legacy drugs already proven to be safe and effective for other indications like HCQ and Ivermectin.

“This will eventually come out. Dr. Faustus will not be able to hide the facts forever.”

“Thank God, Dr. Risch is sticking to his guns at Yale!”

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15 thoughts on “Top epidemiologist – Up to 100,000 American lives could be saved with hydroxychloroquine”

  1. As with any good progressive/socialist/communist cause lives do not matter. Only the end goal matters. BLM will kill 1000s of blacks due to the handcuffing of law enforcement. Does that matter? Not one bit! It is all about the end result folks.

  2. When this whole fiasco is over, I would love to see some heads roll over this misuse of public trust and medical science. This drug has been used successfully and safely for 65 years and yet these charlatans in their deep state bureaucracy in DC discourage and ban its use when scores of drs have shown that it works. As in so many things, we need to follow the money, and we someday will find how many of the decision makes in the medical bureaucracy are investors in Gilead and more expensive drugs.

  3. Quote from below the subject video from:
    Colt45 • 2 days ago
    JFC!!! Just stop with this covid19 corona hoax already. It’s nothing more than a cold with a 99.98% complete recovery rate.

  4. Hydroxychloroquine helps cure Covid by opening the cells to Zinc compounds. The Zinc is the actual virus medicine, by preventing the virus from multiplying inside the cells. The Hydroxychloroquine opens the gate!

  5. We have to fight back.
    We have to speak up.
    At a minimum please. Call your congress people and tell them to stop the political shenanigans.

  6. Id say that taking a zinc xupplement and a decent 3,000iu of vit D a day IF you have been around a covis caseOR feel seedy
    otherwise take the zinc every second day, but keep the Vit D levels up
    if you can get Plaquenil dont assume its harmless, it isnt.
    take it again if/when you suspect contact or illness but not otherwise is my personal suggestion
    because I used it for severe RA it only took 22days for me to have oedema in the face and my eyes to have blue halos around everything -that was the standard 200mg dose.
    use it with respect and caution but I would say use it!

  7. Sadly I think that even when this is all over we’ll never really know or understand what treatments worked and which ones didn’t given how politicized this thing has become. There are world-wide shortages of some medications now, partly because most are manufactured in China, and partly because people and Doctors are using them “under the covers”. The recent Detroit study on early use of hydroxzchloroquine showed impressive results and they even went on to apply for FDA authorization for wide-spread use, but that news and the results of their request have totally disappeared now. Seems this whole panic is being driven by politics and a money grab as having a cheap and effective treatment that minimizes or eliminates costly hospitalization doesn’t fit the narrative of the politicians or help the coffers of the large drug companies hell bent on an expensive vaccine.

  8. I have an interesting angle regarding treatment…

    My sister is a nurse here in Phoenix, Arizona and my mom recently took a CV-19 test because she wasn’t feeling well. Her doctor didn’t prescribe her HCQ but did give antibiotics to help fight off any infections she may have or get because of it. Now mind you, it took 11 days to get the results of the test which turned out to be positive. During that time, my sister gave my mom two or three doses of what she called vitamin packs. I guess they are super concentrated vitamin shots directly into her bloodstream. She did this a day after finding out she had symptoms. My mon only had body aches and some light coughing along with two nights of sweats and mild fever. Otherwise, she was just very lethargic and had little energy. My sister also gave her a breathing treatment. Something to help her exercise her lungs that she would breathe into for so many times per day. That seemed to help her with her breathing. In the end, she recovered after about two weeks with really only being tired and short on breath as the main symptoms. Her doctor has asked that she get retested to ensure that she is no longer positive. During this time, my father had no symptoms except for a light cough for a day or two. He too has gotten tested this time around. I asked my sister why my mom wasn’t prescribed HCQ and she said that many doctors are afraid to prescribe it here in Arizona due to the mandates put out by our government and the involvement of the pharmaceutical board. Also, there is threats of losing your medical license if you prescribe HCQ for CV-19.

    Now, my cousin, who is also a nurse lives in Vancouver, Washington and works for the Kaiser medical group. She also works in the Covid units and she says that they prescribe HCQ to all their patients and that they have excellent success with the drug. She said they have always prescribed it and they haven’t seen any issues with side effects or worsening symptoms because of it. They also administer it with other treatments and vitamins to help boost the immune system she said.

    Now, why is it that a state like Washington allows their doctors the freedom to use HCQ yet not our state of Arizona?
    Regardless, it is a travesty that medicine has been politicized in this way. It should not be allowed and because of it, people are dying that otherwise would have survived.
    Oh, and by the way, my mom and dad are both in their late 60’s and have multiple health issues. High blood pressure, hypertension, heart arrhythmia and cancer survivors to boot.

  9. If president Trump had not hailed HCQ as a miracle, but instead said it was worthless, we’d have million of people cured and some people saved, especially the elderly. As soon as Trump hailed the drug as good, it was all over and the twisted anti-Trumpers felt absolutely required to attack the drug along with Trump. So yes, it was totally political and not scientific or medical at all!!

    • I agree with you Mark, 100%. Is that not pitiful? Trump Derangement Syndrome affects many politicians and media moguls who immediately lied and lied and lied some more about the efficacy of HCQ. It does work with zinc and azithromycin. If you think you have contracted this flu run for the HCQ.

  10. Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors said the same thing about hydroxychloroquine yesterday. Because she like Dr. Harvey Risch, goes against the political establishment, her speech was removed by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after going viral online. The left politicalizes everything.


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