Toronto headed for one of the most prolonged cold periods in history – Video

The Weather Network calls it “most significant cold snap in decades.”

“One of the most prolonged cold periods in history,” and they call it a “cold snap”?

Looks to me like an attempt to downplay the historic nature of the cold.

“The record for the most single-digit days in a row in May is five, and that was back in May of 1974,” says The Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton. “Currently, we’re forecast to get five days of single digits, making it one of the most prolonged cold periods in history.”

Hamilton calls for possible snow this weekend all the way into Toronto. Some areas farther west could get enough snow that “you may need to shovel.”

Temperatures 10 degrees below seasonal will make it feel more like March.

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  1. Right now, southern Ontario is under a rainfall warning, with upwards of 70 mm expected (2.76″), which is helping keep the temperatures low. Most of it has already fallen with Hamilton Botanical Gardens receiving 52.6 mm (2.08″), Trenton 51.8 mm (2.04″), Belle River and Chatham 51.0 mm (2.01″) as of 2 PM EDT today. Rainfall warnings also for southern Quebec and much of new Brunswick, where amounts could reach 100 mm (3.94″) over the southwestern regions of the province.

    • Terry:

      This rain is coming on top of already saturated soils. We haven’t turned a wheel on our farm as yet. Normally, we would have at least a quarter of our planting done. It would take at least a week of sunny days and normal May temperatures to get on the land.

      • I’ve seen the stories about flooding in various areas of Ontario and Quebec, Ian. I can imagine how saturated the soil is at this time of year. You’ll need a good stretch of sunny skies, warm overnight temps and probably a lot of wind to push away the humidity.

    • Thank you for the update! Nice to know what is happening. I’m sure not getting this from the media.

  2. So in other words, no more serious than 40 years ago.

    It certainly helps to debunk global warming, but it is no more than a once in 40-50 year event, which is after all weather.

    • I would have a tendency to agree with you Rhys, however, with the tremendous increase in volcanic activity across the entire spectrum, lack of energetic sun spots not seen for at least 100 years, the increase of earth quake activity, new fissures and quakes happening at locations that do not have existing fault lines, the ever decreasing magnetosphere and increase of albedo, both NORTH(spring in north hemisphere now) and south poles ice extant still increasing, just to name some of the events being recorded as we watch the sun and her Grand Solar Minimum getting warmed up(pun intended) to expel all
      her dark glory!
      I pray you are correct and I will wake up and all the effects of a darkening sun will have been a dream, however, that only tends to happen in fairy tales and false narratives dreamed up by those who cannot stand the fall of global influence and will dream up any senerio and false data to claim otherwise.

      Good Day Sir

  3. This was all wasteland 300 years ago and 13.800 years ago it was burried under a 2 mile thick ice cap.
    So count your blessings
    But we can’t control nature and we can’t control the weather, let alone the climate.
    Canada eventually will become uninhabitable again just like the North of the USA.
    Alaska, Canada and the Northern part of the US will virtually cease to exist.
    How about that for real estate prices.
    In 100.000 years however they have the opportunity to make a fresh start.
    That is if we are so lucky to prevent the next extinction event from space because sooner or later such an impact will happen.
    A pending extinction event by Meteorites, astroids orcomets and the guaranteed onset of an Ice Ages.
    We are wasting our valuable time and resources on climate bull shit and zealous Globalism.

    We have our priorities totally wrong.

      • Always! Until the heat of the summer arrives. Then it’s the warmest year on record. Always announced in the middle of a heat wave.

        • Nowadays any period of hot weather is a heatwave just as any big drop on the markets is a crash, simmerlarly any period without rain is a drought because the media need it to be. The science is irrelevent but states that only 5 consecutive days over 36C is a heatwave and a drop of %10 or more is a crash anything under that is a correction. Finally everyone has forgotten that fruits and grains require many weeks of dry Summer to ripen and sweeten.

    • R. de Haan you are correct. The “leaders” of the world have failed the human race. Who do they serve? Certainly not the people of earth.

    • R. de Haan – “This was all wasteland 300 years ago” Really? I live in the area, and am always fascinated to know it’s previous natural history. Can you get into details, like a description of what kind of ‘wasteland’? Thanks.

  4. Wouldn’t matter what they call it because people know when the crops freeze in spring and when there’s snow on the ground this late in the season that it’s more than just a cold snap. There are too many of these “cold snaps” now worldwide to fit that definition. A cold snap is normally 3 days or less of 10 degrees or more below average. Obviously the ones we are seeing now are much longer than that.

  5. Early May snowfall possible for hills near Syracuse, Buffal

    Syracuse, N.Y. — Yes, it’s May, and yes, there’s snow in the forecast for parts of Upstate New York this weekend.

    It won’t be much, and it will be confined mostly to the hills south of Syracuse and Buffalo. There could be some slushy stuff on the ground in the lower elevations overnight Sunday and again Monday, though.

    Here’s what the National Weather Service is saying:

    Western New York: Saturday night and Sunday, up to 3 inches could fall, particularly along the higher terrain of the western Southern Tier. The same areas could get 1 to 2 inches more Sunday night.
    Tug Hill/western Adirondacks. One to 2 inches is possible Sunday night into Monday morning.
    Central New York: There could half to 1 inch in the hills south of Syracuse, particularly at 1,200 feet of elevation or higher, where it’s a few degrees colder. “Low lying valleys may only see a trace to a tenth of an inch.” The hills could get another dusting Sunday night.
    Snow in May isn’t unheard of in Upstate, of course, but it doesn’t happen very often. Here’s how often measurable snow — that’s at least 0.1 inches — has fallen in May in the Upstate cities in the Golden Snowball contest. The number in parentheses is the year of the first measurement.

    Albany: 6 (1939)
    Binghamton: 11 (1952)
    Buffalo: 16 (1900)
    Rochester: 17 (1900)
    Syracuse: 13 (1903)

  6. Hi,
    I can’t speak for Canada however, here in Scotland there is an old saying, “Ner cast a cloot until May is oot!” Which is basically, “Never take off an item of clothing until after the month of May.
    Now the thing is I’m coming up on 52 and up until the late 70s – early 80s this sort of weather was normal. The problem is anyone born post mid 80s have rarely experienced this and to be fair during the latter part of the recent warm period ie 2005 – 2009 it was to me but not unusual to them to have warm if not a hot end to March and that would be it through to November. I’m not saying it was wall to wall sunshine but it could be extremely mild if not very warm.

    To be honest I would say that the weather patterns are changing and I have notice unusual cloud formations with wild fluctuations in temperatures as they struggle to rise throughout the day, peaking mid to late afternoon for maybe an hour or two then suddenly plummeting. The thing is where agriculture is concerned farmers give them their due want the longest growing period possible and have revelled in the recent warm period with planting earlier than they would have in the late 60s earlier 70s. Older farmers who still assist their younger offspring in the running of the farm would probably advice, them to air on the side of caution when planting early were as those younger farmers working without this wealth of older expertise may either lose crops planting early or struggle to catch up either when the ground dries out allowing plant and machinery into fields.
    The other matter is earlier in the week on the national news they reported that this spring as well as the previous autumn (fall) have been the driest since before records began. Then later on they reported that frosts had decimated budding vineyards because of frosts which in itself raises the question, “Is this it back to normal and were losing valuable crops because we’ve been to used to planting ealier?”

  7. I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot about this. Some media outlets don’t notice unless the East Coast is chill. Omega Block is the new Polar Vortex.

    • “Some media outlets don’t notice unless the East Coast is chill.” Tell me about it, they probably won’t notice that an ice age is here until a wall of ice & snow shows up at their doorstep.

  8. most trees are normally leafed out by now. this year not even the maples are in full leaf yet. the locusts still look like skeletons, being completley bare.
    the vrape vines are the same, except for some bud swelling on some varieties.

    i normally have my garden planted by now. this year im not even thinking about planting anything till after mothers day. my tomatoes may have to wait until the end of may maybe even june. no sense in putting them outdoors if the temperature barely makes it into the mid teens . thats ok though theyre growing nicely under my grow lights for now.

    might be a write off for corn this year with the fields as wet as they are and with the forecast not looking good. still well below seasonal at least for the next 10 days.

    this could get very interesting if the cold weather lingers till june. we ll wait and see.

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