Toxic waste from solar panels

“Used solar panels are piling up all around the world with no efficient means to recycle the very toxic substances used in those panels.”

Toxic waste from solar panels


“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”! Lyrics from a Who song. That’s how I view the world of energy!

While the GND and global warming nuts try to blame fossil fuels for all our environmental problems, not a one of them will discuss the potential environmental problems with solar and wind, not even a whisper!

We know that wind generators use a disproportionate amount of energy to build, have limits lifespans, have disposal issues and cause similar destruction of wildlife, killing birds that the same ‘greenie’s’ would use as reasons to halt fossil fuel use.

A study done by Univ. of Calif. Berkley of all places, indicated that those used solar panels are piling up all around the world with no efficient means to recycle the very toxic substances used in those panels, and that if stacked on end would greatly exceed the amount of nuclear waste in existence. They won’t tell you that if those solar panels are broken apart, we’d have toxic waste leaching into our soil and water all around the world! No, they won’t talk about any of the dangers, they just advocate how wonderful it is ….. these are true hypocrites and really do reflect those lyrics.

Fossil fuels have their issues, but we’ve learned how to make them as clean as possible, and they are still relatively plentiful.

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  1. Methane clathrate reserves are so plentiful and apparently easily and cleanly accessed that this source alone could fuel the world for thousands of years according to a story I saw on the GWPF site a while ago.

    Add that to the technology being developed to reduce CO2 to carbon for burning again as well as the huge untapped gas and oil reserves worldwide and fossil fuels are by no means limited.

  2. I read it a few yrs ago in an interview with german energy experts. Told it some people. The usual reaction. Can’t imagine it and what else to do? Pointing to the earth beneth the panels and asking: will there ever grow your vegetables again? The GreenCommunists are satisfied, hence it’s oke. Jobs, green energy, sustainable energy, and so on. It’s made too difficult for humans to grasp what’s going on.

  3. What this reminds me of is the fact that the true cost of everything INCLUDES the cost of its cleanup. This is typically a cost which is ignored or overlooked as unimportant to the bottom line, and which is therefore never considered in evaluations of technologies, but which eventually leads sooner or later to enormous costs to clean it up or costs to the environment from leaving it.

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