Trafalgar chief pollster sees Trump winning

Says the polls are missing a “hidden vote”.

“What we’ve noticed is that these polls are predominantly missing the hidden Trump vote,” says Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Cahaly. “There is a clear feeling among conservatives and people that are for the president that they’re not interested in sharing their opinions readily.”

“These people are more hesitant to participate in polls,” Cahaly added. “So if you’re not compensating for this, you’re not going to get honest answers.”

Trafalgar Group’s polling in 2016 showed Trump leading in key battleground states when almost all other pollsters had the Republican nominee trailing Hillary Clinton.

I agree with Cahaly. I used to live in Washington State near Seattle. I wouldn’t have dared speak my mind about Trump for fear of being ostracized.

Or far worse.

With all of the rioting and looting and burning, who knows what would have happened?

I suspect that many of those who live in Democrat-run strongholds harbor the same fear.

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  1. Heck I live in the Vancouver BC area and I am hesitant to speak of my support for President Trump and I am Canadian and cannot vote in US elections. I, too, am surrounded by Trump haters who also cannot vote.
    I never bring up this election in polite conversation but these neighbours always do hence I am goaded to come to his defense. I cannot wait until November 4th and then I will bring up Trump in polite conversation whether they want to hear it or not. MAGA

  2. Exactly the same thing happened in the UK. Firstly with Brexit, and then with the last General Election when a hung Parliament was predicted and the Tories won by a landslide. The quiet voters who know what they want and how they will vote but don’t go twittering on about it. I will be watching with great interest from over the pond and I really hope Trump confounds the pollsters

    • Thanks for letting us know that happened. It feels supportive … and I very much also hope Trump confounds the pollsters.

    • I used to work for the US Federal government and it was ILLEGAL to participate in polls and surveys (other than the US Census). So even now that I’m retired, if I get a call or email re: any poll or survey I just say I’m a retired Federal employee and it’s illegal for me to respond.

  3. Agree! We live in a area with many Trump supporters but do not put pro-Trump stickers on our vehicles because we don’t want them damaged, or destroyed, by deranged leftists.

    I see Mr. Trump winning by at least the electoral margin he had in 2016. The polls did not ring true in 2016 when you looked at the size of Trump rallies compared to gatherings in support of Clinton. It’s the same this time around: huge crowds are gathering to see the President, while Biden is talking to empty corn fields.

  4. President Trump needs more than to just win reelection! He needs to hold the Senate and win the House. If he happens to lose both they will castrate him!!!!

  5. The US Deep State corruption is beyond belief. It owns the FBI, Justice Department and Media. The Rule of Law is almost dead in the US.

  6. Very true about people living in fear.

    On most of our local Facebook sites, you get attacked if you are not sufficiently anti-Trump, let alone being pro-Trump.

    In the Democratic strongholds, there is a large undercurrent of people who speak to each other in private or surreptitiously (like in the old Soviet Union). These people are not counted in the polls.

    Hopefully the Democrats won’t be able to manipulate things so that these people’s votes are not counted. Many Democratic states are reporting huge increases in Covid right before the election (we thought they were doing everything right, per Fauci). We smell a rat.

  7. I agree with many that Trump has a somewhat off-the-cuff and abrasive personality with his rhetorical tweets and such. But as a President I feel he’s doing a rather nice job! My vote has already been cast for him. Sorry all you deranged anti-Trumpers out there…..

  8. I agree. I voted for Trump in the last election and just voted for him again. I rarely say it out loud … only do so when the other person lets me know they voted for him. I do that because not only because of fear of reprisals from openly displaying my support, but I also have family and friends who never would consider voting for a Republican … and had several people I had thought were close lifelong friends drop me for saying I voted for Trump (and they never spoke to me again).

    I’ve also worked in a place where not openly being pro-Democrat (in my last job that would be during Obama’s time) was enough to get you ostracized and even squeezed out of your job, despite it being ILLEGAL to openly express one’s political opinions (I was working for the Federal government),

    It is however a real relief whenever I meet someone who voted for Trump who I can speak to openly.

    • PS I am referring to the Hatch Act when I say it is illegal for Federal employees to openly (while at work) express support for a specific politician or political party)… tho I have seen that in the work place. How people would “get away” with this this during Obama’s administration would be that they would openly gush over Michele Obama and everything she did. The few of us (a total of 3 in my last work place) who just kept our mouths shut and did not participate in the near worship of Michele and everything she did… ALL of us were ostracized to the point where we all ended up leaving that department. Two of us actually got sick from the stress.

  9. That is also why I have the utmost respect for those individuals who belong to various groups who are “supposed to vote Democratic” but think for themselves and are courageous enough to support Trump openly.

    For me this includes (for me) several gay men I know who support Trump openly … plus guys like Ricky Rebel…. various Blacks who support him openly on various media… and a few young Latinos I know here in Arizona who openly support Trump and even do gutsy things like wear MAGA hats.

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