Triple-digit snowfall forecast for Chile

Skier website is calling for more than 100 inches (254 cm) of snow at some resorts this weekend. (Note: I don’t know where they got their info, so can’t attest to its accuracy.)

Here are the top 5 forecasted storm totals.

Valle Nevado- 140 inches
El Colorado- 107 inches
Ski Pucon- 102 inches
Portillo- 102 inches
La Parva- 95 inches”

A big dump is also forecast in Argentina over the weekend

40-50 inches at Las Leñas
20-30 inches at Cerro Castor
10-25 inches at Cerro Catedral
20-25 inches at Chapelco.

In Australia, they think Thredbo and Perisher could see 30-40cm on Saturday alone. ile-forecasted-to-get-100-inches

Thanks to Ralph Fato for this link

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  1. Peru: State of emergency declared. Heaviest snowfall in years kills 171.850 alpacas. July, 10, 2015.
    State of emergency was declared in three provinces of Puno.
    The Regional Council took this decision due to the devastation, caused by the low temperatures and snow in the area. The Regional Council of Puno declared the state of emergency in the provinces of Sandia, Carabaya and San Antonio de Putina because of the consequences generated by low temperatures, snow and ice. Although, under the agreement, the extent governed by 10 days the deadline could be extended if required.
    On Thursday, the regional directorates of Transport and Communications, Agriculture, Health, Education, municipalities and other institutions detailed the damage caused by the drop in temperature in Puno.
    The meeting was informed that to date more than 171 850 alpacas died from the snow and ice. In response, the regional government of Puno ordered the purchase of 15,000 bales of oats to feed the animals kept alive despite the bad weather.
    The regional governor of Puno, Juan Luque Mamani, said that compared with previous years, this year is the heaviest snowfall.
    The authority said the regional government will attend an initial budget of S /. All 200,000 residents of the rural area, but required the Indeci ask the Presidency of the Council of Ministers the declaration of emergency in the affected provinces.

  2. Now would be a great time to purchase snow tires. Get them mounted on some cheap rims and hang them in your garage or basement. Pull them out and use them like snow shoes. Being able to get to and from work more than pays for it. I’ve had a mounted set of Blizzaks for every car I’ve owned since 2010… except the iMiev. Rims for that ride ain’t cheap!

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