Tropical Australia Freezes – Video

Australia receives 70 cm (2.3 feet) of snow across the mountains and tropical vegetation shivers under the weight of inches of snow.

Thanks to Adoni for this video

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  1. Ahhh what you are looking at is not tropical vegetation, there is no tropical vegetation in Victoria as it is cool climate rain forest around the coastal hills and it is not unusual to get snow in the hills around Melbourne. What has been a little unusual is the amount of rain that we have been getting and I am still of the opinion that we are going to get a lot more despite Tim flim flam Flannerly still carrying on about AGW.

    • Let’s not nitpick here. Has Australia not got one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world as a direct result of very intense sunshine much of the year round? Hardly what you’d call a cold country!

    • That is correct …. I am looking more for snow below the 1000m onto the foothills of the Great Dividing Range ie on the eastern side facing the Tasman Sea in say Penrith but there has been snow in Sydney during Dalton Minimum …The Sydney Herald reported on the same incident, saying, “for the first time in the memory of the oldest inhabitants, snow fell in Sydney on the morning of Tuesday last. 27 June 1836, about 7 o’clock in the morning, a drifting fall covered the streets nearly one inch in depth.” …. now people might say that it was hail but it was winter time and hail occurs during humid conditions with massive uplifts during the day time ….

  2. The whole of Australia is not a “tropical” nation. The north of the country lies within the tropics but in the south it lies as far as 43 degrees south (Tasmania). That’s equivalent to say Chicago or Vladivostok, where you would expect cold weather in winter! The vegetation shown in the video is from a temperate forest on mainland Australia, way south of the tropics. The “tropical” plants are temperate tree ferns, which grow all the way down to the south of Tasmania. Southern Australia is warmer than Chicago and Vladivostok because the Southern Ocean warms the air from Antarctica. However, snow showers can be expected in the higher altitudes (above 1200 metres) somewhere in the south every winter. Most unremarkable for those of us who have lived here for 60 years.

    The snowfalls of 70cm are only found in our ski areas, above 1600 metres. We have not seen 70cm of snow in the lower altitudes.

  3. 04.07.16 Cold wave kills 48 children between May and June in Peru.
    At least 48 children under five died of pneumonia in Peru between May and June 2016, especially in poor areas exposed to low temperatures during the winter – according to a government report.
    According to the Peruvian Ministry of Health (MINSA) in this period, there were 7,569 cases of pneumonia in children under five years, with 48 deaths. Most occurred in Cusco department, Junín, Huancavelica, Ayacucho and Puno, in central and southern Andean country.
    In these regions, with localized areas above 4000 meters above sea level, the temperature reaches 18 degrees below zero in winter with ice deposited on surfaces.
    Some high-Andean sectors and the Peruvian jungle, with mostly poor, will face until August strong cold waves that reach people and their productive activities and force the government to develop protection plans.
    To combat this damage, the MINSA sent attention modules to 14 regions affected by the cold to support the work of health centers. Furthermore, they were distributed more than a million influenza vaccines and pneumonia.
    According to the latest damage assessment from the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci), 311,655 people from 14 regions had health problems due to low temperaturas. In May, the Peruvian government declared an emergency for a period of 60 days in 14 regions of the country by because of the sharp drop in temperature in the Andes.

  4. While I agree in principle with everything in this video, I feel it’s a little misrepresentative to call Melbourne “tropical”. The Tropic of Capricorn runs through Rockhampton, half-way up the coast of Queensland which is north of both New South Wales and Victoria and their capitals, Sydney and Melbourne. Melbourne is more often considered similar in climate to London than to be called “tropical”.

    Nonetheless, the “climate change” aka “global warming” message is loud and clear here in Australia, where year after year we are told that the previous year was “the hottest year on record”, which is a clear and blatant lie.

  5. Now you know why there is Carolina Bays in Australia, South Africa and Patagonia. During ice ages they get permafrost.

  6. It is, and has been cold, but . . . . .
    snow on tree ferns in New South Wales doesn’t mean snow in the tropics.

  7. Just to clarify Melbourne is not tropical it’s temperate, the state of Queensland further North is where the tropics starts. We didn’t get the freeze up here with this cold front but I expect that may change in the near future. Thanks for the continued updates Robert.

  8. Been a bit colder in SE Queensland especially higher up. And dam wet for the supposed dry season. Good old jetstream movements due to a quiet SUN. Spotless! According to Pierce Corbyn (Weatheraction) the jetstream goes unstable during low solar flux output as in a hibernating Sun. Unstable jetstream means unstable weather, see China’s flood troubles.

  9. yeah sorry Robert nsw is working up to tropical but Vic sure isnt 4 seasons in one day is the local gag re the weather wear tshirt and add layers cos you never know what its going to end up like the rest of the day here. its been icy cold in feb I had to light fires some years, other times warm n mild or stinking hot same time of the yr. bracken ferns abound but if ice n frost WOULD kill the damned things we would be grateful.
    theyre an indicator of poor acidic soil the next step up plantwise from moss n algae..and yes areas here do grow a sort of algae/moss on the soil…not the rock- the soil.

    • In defence of Robert, I note that it’s the American in the video that talks about Melbourne being “tropical”, lack of understanding of how huge Australia is probably being the reason for this.

      The north of Australia is well into the Tropics, but most of the rest of it is Temperate, with the south actually just across the Southern Ocean from Antarctica, so the video is simply not correct with its assumption that the whole of Australia is “tropical”. I’m sure Robert understands this.

      • Thank you Lloyd, yes I do. I think Lyn Roberts comment (this page) comparing the size of Australia to the United States is a good way to look at it.

  10. Record downpour leaves big clean up
    EMERGENCY crews are busy across Adelaide dealing with the aftermath of wet and windy weather that brought heavy rain – and even snow at Mt Lofty – on the wettest July day in 75 years.

    from the adelaide advertiser today 5th July 2016
    vic was hoping to get some of it drift across…all we got so far is huge dak cloud but not dropping rain ;-(

  11. July, 04, 2016: Cold, frost and snow kill 14 000 animals in Arequipa, Peru.
    At least 14 000 animals died in recent days due to the intense cold, the constant frost and snow that fell in several municipalities of the province of Arequipa in southern Peru.
    Civil Defence authorities and the Ministry of Health confirmed on Monday (04), that most of the animals died by being out in the open, not withstanding the intense cold, or developing respiratory diseases.
    Even llamas, animal symbol of the Andes, not withstood the cold to -12 ° C and the frost that was repeated for up to 10 consecutive days.
    The Peruvian government reported the animals were inspected by the Health Protection and recommended that residents do not consume the meat, which was not respected in most instances. For the people were handed over nine thousand units with blankets and clothes.
    Due to the intense cold, schools stopped classes in various cities of the province and neighboring Andean regions above three thousand meters of altitude.
    meteorological data
    On Monday (04), the most intense cold was observed in municipalities of the provinces of Andahuaylas and Puno, with minimum temperature at airports -7 ° C in Andahuaylas and -4 ° C in Juliaca, respectively.

  12. Alot of people don’t seem to understand that Australia is 2500 miles wide and 1976 miles north to south and this is only the mainland.
    Tasmania accounts for another 226 miles north to south and 190 miles East to West, it is also 150 miles south of mainland australia.
    Mainland United States in 2800 miles wide and 1650 miles deep north to south.
    Please forgive me if this is incorrect.
    To help the tip of Cape York is 10 degrees south from the equator or about 690 miles, the equilivant of Boston to Border of Virginia and North Carolina or thereabouts.
    Where as the southern tip of Tasmania is near to 44 degrees south.
    Some of the comments over the years are like comparing temperatures of Alaska to Florida laughable.
    Hope this helps with understanding, no value in saying tropical australia anymore than saying tropical Alaska, you have to break down where in Australia, just like you would have to say where in the USA.

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