Tropical storm shocks scientists – Shatters record for lowest temperature on Earth

Lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth… but media warns that “climate change deniers can stick their head in the sand as much as they want.”


As scientists explain in a new paper published in Geophysical Research Letters, on Dec 29th, 2018, a NOAA-20 weather satellite recorded an unprecedented -111.2°C (about -168°F) atop thunderstorm clouds just south of the equator in the southwestern Pacific. This set a new cold record for storm-cloud temperatures.

The tops of the thunderstorm clouds reached an altitude of over 20.5 km (12.8 miles) above sea level.

Large storms are often the result of warm surface air pushing high into the atmosphere, rapidly cooling, condensing, and forming thick clouds. In other words, the hot air on the surface and cooler air in the atmosphere switched positions. This process, known as convection, produces wind and rain and all the things we associate with thunderstorms, including cooler air on the surface, which, you probably already know, is common as a storm front moves through an area.

In the case of this particular tropical storm, the warm pushed much higher than usual. This is known as an overshoot, and it results in the cloud tops becoming much, much colder than typical during a thunderstorm.

Overshooting tops indicate that a thunderstorm is particularly severe, and can produce hazardous weather.

“Thankfully, this storm happened over the ocean, and as such, it didn’t pose a threat to anyone on the ground,” writes Mike Wehner. “However, the researchers also present evidence that storms like this one are becoming more and more common.”

“As climate change continues to worsen, we’ve seen more and more powerful tropical storms and hurricanes with greater frequency, and this is a trend that is expected to grow as we repeatedly fail to do anything meaningful to protect our planet from our own bad habits and pollution.,” Wehner continues.

“Climate change deniers can stick their head in the sand as much as they want, but when they find themselves in the path of a ridiculously powerful storm that may not have been anywhere near as devastating without human impacts, their rhetoric won’t count for much.”

Yah sure, you betcha. Lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth… but we should fear global warming climate change.

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Earth’s record low temperature of -111 °C recorded atop of the thunderstorm clouds in the tropical Pacific on Dec 29th, 2018

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10 thoughts on “Tropical storm shocks scientists – Shatters record for lowest temperature on Earth”

  1. It appears to me that just because something hasn’t been OBSERVED before does not mean it hasn’t HAPPENED before. Evidence of climate change? Nope.


    Stupid dumbasses! They’re so full of krap calling it climate change it’s beyond imagination and beyond stupidity! That is another retard term invented by these leftist liberals and commies to dumb down the public even further.
    In the 80’s they called it Greenhouse Effect, then GW and now climate change. They’re not fooling anybody with this scam!

  3. Yeah – one million molecules of ordinary air are totally overwhelmed by 420 molecules of CO2 and 2 molecules of Methane !

    I know Climate change deniers don’t stick their head in the sand but I do know where alarmist idiots stick theirs and the sun don’t ever shine up there !

  4. And I quote: “…when they find themselves in the path of a ridiculously powerful storm that may not have been anywhere near as devastating without human impacts, their rhetoric won’t count for much.”

    Note the wonderful use of that universal cover-your-ass get-out word ‘may’. So how exactly do you *prove* that such storms are in fact worsened by ‘human impacts’? For example, how would a warmist explain that in 1780, when the global human population was less than one billion, a hurricane killed more than 22,000 people in the Eastern Caribbean region; or that in 1274, when it was considerably lower, 13,000 people died in a single typhoon in Japan; or that in the year 1737 a cyclone struck India from the Bay of Bengal and claimed the lives of some 300,000 while sinking 20,000 ships? In 1897, more than 170,000 people perished when cyclone and storm surges swept through East Pakistan. If I’m jumping around in history here, it’s only because there are so, so many examples to choose from. I could go on and on. All this, and plenty more, long before the preachings of AGW ever took a hold on the irrational minds of the gullible.

    Now compare that to the 1,880 deaths from one of the worst disasters of modern times, Hurricane Katrina, which was as much a phenomenon of human mismanagement as it was of the ravages of nature. Is it just me, or do the great storms of the past come across as by no means less impressive than what we see today? And is it too much to ask that these warmists should learn a little history, instead of merely banging their tired old drum?

  5. How would “The Scientists” know that thunderstorms like this are more and more common if we have only had weather satellites (for not very many years) which can take the temperature of the top of a thunderstorm?

    • The answer is that they can’t possibly know. They’re making wild extrapolations on centuries-long trends using a few decades of actual data.

  6. Something to think about folks. Where are all those ice crystals going to go? Are they going to hang around in the upper atmosphere for awhile and reflect the Sunlight back into space? We are at the tipping point and heading for an new mini ice age. If we are lucky , we won’t be catching the much larger Full On Ice Age cycle.

  7. Scientists know that associating any unusual event with climate change increases the chance for funding and social acceptance. And it works in many ways. Think about it. Isn’t your reading this site due to climate change?

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