Trump Approval Rating Bounces Back to 50 Percent

Rasmussen’s daily presidential tracking poll released on Friday reveals that 50 percent of likely American voters approve of President Trump’s job performance, while 48 percent disapprove.

It has been five months since Trump’s approval rating rose over 50 percent, back when he was still in the early stages of responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I personally find this very heartening, because Trump sees the human-caused global warming ‘crisis’ for what it is: a hoax.

“This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop” – Donald Trump


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  1. Karl Rove on how coronavirus response could impact 2020 election

    “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” – Karl Rove

    Yes I guess we do study all these wize guyz fictional hoaxes.

  2. … meanwhile the Grumpy Grinch’s ww Approval Rating Bounces Back to +65 Percent

    Thunberg Donates 100,000 Pounds to Criminalize ‘Ecocide’
    Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who has become the world’s most famous anti–global-warming campaigner, was just awarded a one million pound environmental prize

    Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity
    Established in 2020, the first €1-million Prize for Humanity will be awarded in July 2020[41] and is aimed at distinguishing people or institutions fighting climate change.[42]
    Winners as Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity were:
    2020: Greta Thunberg[43]

    Grumpy for President of UN One World Governance

    • wow isnt that convenient? a brand new “prize” cos she “takes no pay” but it will enable her to influence BY use of money things a 17yr old really hasnt the nous to decide
      but then shes a glovepuppet/muppet anyway
      soros a mate or the best bud of the person named as the prize donor by any chance?

    • She is not fighting ‘climate change’. She has made unsubstantiated claims that she can ‘smell’ carbon dioxide.

      Giving her 1 million Euros is just political posturing par excellence.

      You want to give a proper prize to a proper person, give it to the Indians funding and mentoring villagers to restore their formerly ravaged watersheds.

      They have been at that for two decades and the results are there for all to see. Greening of the earth from the bottom up, restoration of water tables, increase in local prosperity and business opportunities. You name it, it is all there.

  3. and everytime bidet opens his mouth, it will rise;-) further one hopes.
    and his(bidet) vp options have people concerned too I think

    • My thought on Biden’s choices are probably a little different from most. I think he has two options, but the one I believe it will be is this.

      The amendment to the Constitution limits a person to 2 elected terms. We all know that. What it doesn’t do, however, is say a former president can’t run as a vice presidential choice. I’ll just let that sink in a little, and also recall that if a president withdraws, after the election, the vice president will be elevated to president, regardless of whether or not he has been president for 8 years.

      After Obama’s highly political speech at the funeral of John Lewis, I think I can say Biden’s choice will be his former boss, and that may give the ticket enough firepower to “make that red paint flow.”

      • Tom, you’re right and I’ve been thinking the same thing.
        There’s an other possibility. Not even the democrats are ready for a radical/socialist president. So Biden can choose, or in fact be stuck with a socialist VP and voila, we’ll get a socialist president in six months.

  4. We have basically 2 choices here in the US with this election. Re-elect President Trump and preserve the US, its Constitution and Bill of Rights or elect the Democratic nominee, BTW I really don’t think it will be the senile Biden, and watch our Constitution be rewritten by people who hate everything about the US and its history.

    • Re-select Trump or not… the script has already been written. The ‘Great Reset’ will go forward.

      Global Elite’s “Great Reset” Agenda (Shocking Discoveries Revealed)
      36,810 views • Jul 31, 2020

      • Grim Globalist Reaper, you’re right. John Kennedy was the last president we had who was anything more than a mask for the psychopathic gangsters.

        When a certain percentage of the American people realize that the virus is nothing more than a pretext for the New World Tyranny they will rise against the gangster syndicate. But the later that happens the more people will die in the uprising.

        I urge everyone to accept their responsibility to awaken others. I personally talk to people everywhere I go, and I pass out the first 4 pp of . I post good paragraphs from it everywhere & I leave the link.

        I don’t know what percentage of the population must awaken to save us, but they are awakening increasingly. If you believe in democracy, practice it!

    • You are joking right ? What constitution
      are you speaking of ? The one that protects us from being forced into
      lock down ? allowing us to be force fed
      and injected with pharmaceutical
      poisons ? Criminalizing being in contact
      with each other ? It goes on and on.
      Drumpf is as guilty if not more so of
      allowing these things to take place

      • You really have no idea of the limitations of power that are intended in the Constitution, and therefore will be practiced when convenient. The administration “administers” the law, it doesn’t create it. As you should have noticed, “executive orders” only fly when Congress and the Judiciary want them to – consider DACA as a perfect example.

        The Constitution clearly places law making in the hands of Congress, and allows the Judiciary to be the only one that can overturn it, but the purpose of the Administration is only supposed to be to enforce Congress’s laws.

        The power of the Federal government is truly limited to what Congress chooses to do with tax money and interstate issues.

        The Governors have the same power at the state level as the President does at the federal level, and since most state Constitutions mimic the federal, there, too, executive orders only fly when the state congress and judiciary allow them to.

        There is no inherent authority in any of the various Constitutions to order lock downs, as an example, but people can be trained to believe anything their governments say simply by removing civics training from the school curricula, because the governments know that the people will never bother to learn it on their own.

        That is precisely why the fore fathers said the Republic would last as long as there was a well informed citizenry, knowing that as soon as the people stopped being aware of the government process, those would take power that would bend it to their desires.

        We have not lived by Constitutional law for many decades, and it is mainly because the citizens gave up their authority first to political parties, and then decided to let them deal with government and didn’t bother to learn what government was allowed to do.

        And now you can look around yourself and see that government – and the parties – have ceded that trust to govern to the mobs, since that is a faster way to power than the false flags in the past.

        It is not likely that we will ever regain Constitutional rule as we have too many “citizens” that are willing to allow government to do anything it wants as long as they can fulfill their own pleasures.

        • Tom O
          I do think that rather than so roundly criticizing the American people for their failure to uphold a limited-law republic, and their failure to uphold the federal govt’s right to limit the power of multinationals– rather than blaming Americans it’s fair to consider the tremendous financial interests allied against them.

          The medical attack alone has been considerable:

          –Dough conditioners contain bromine rather than the iodine of the past. This insures that the thyroid will take up bromine instead of iodine cuz it’s a halogen like iodine. Doctors have been propagandized to believe that TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone hormone) secreted by the pituitary is a measure of the thyroid status of the rest of the body. There’s not a fragment of evidence for this & considerable against it, but we all know the power of propaganda backed by unlimited funds.

          –An immense propaganda campaign to convince us that the saturated fat of man the hunter and man the herdsman had to be replaced with polyunsaturated seed oils which didn’t even exist until 70 years ago.

          –A scare campaign that meat and eggs would give us heart attacks and we ought instead to be eating 11! servings of grain a day.

          Here’s the result:

          Here’s a good starting video if you want to see proof that you’ve been lied to. Nina Teicholz

  5. Opinion polls are rigged, just like Covid19 statistics. They have been rigged for decades, the aim being to create, build or reverse ‘the Big Mo’.

    My view is that Trump has always had near to 50% of US voters on his side, it is just that the Meedja needs to imply that he doesn’t.

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