Trump approval rating climbs to 51 percent

The attack dogs seem to be losing. In fact, the more they attack, the better he seems to be doing.

5 April 2019 – The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove.

18 thoughts on “Trump approval rating climbs to 51 percent”

  1. On the basis of his disregard for “Anthropogenic Global Warming” also known as “CO2-caused Climate Change”, I could be a Donald Trump supporter — if I was a one-issue voter — which I’m not.

  2. For those who “Disapprove”……just what is it they don’t like?

    Be real. What?

    He’s too funny?
    He insults you back?
    He is richer than you?
    He gets hotter chicks that you?
    He tells the press to go to hell?

  3. I only wish we had Donald trump as our prime minister here in Britain. These politicians who are trying to wreck brexit need to be lined up against a wall and shot for treason.

    Glenn (an angry indigenous British citizen)

    • I would like to ask all the elderly of Britain one frightening, incisive, horrible question:

      Looking back, would you rather what is happening NOW to England………….or……………….would it be better for the British people to have lost in World War 2?

      In addition, would you prefer to speak German or Arabic?

  4. Is Rasmussen’s poll biased ?

    Just wondering.

    Australia may be about to go fully stupid over climate with Labor seeming to think they can achieve 45% emissions reductions by having half of the ~30% of our emissions due to electricity generation from windmills and solar.

    The public better prepare for a huge increase in petrol (gas/gasoline to those in the US) prices

    Private transport is the easy target and a 45% target requires substantial decreases in private transport !

    The only way that works is to make it prohibitively expensive.

  5. The attack dog has rabies.
    Rabies is fatal.
    Just don’t let it bite you first !

    Just joking folks.

    • Here in AMERICA, we simply pull out one of our 300 million GUNS and put a .357mag bullet into the head of the rabid animal.

    • The radical left a very good at working out what to say to people to get them back on-side. Never write them off and always keep an eye on them.

  6. its amusing and pathetic watching the russiagate fails and the media refusing to admit they knowingly lied misled and faked it
    and the ongoing insistence by the hilaryloser crew to admit defeat is even sadder.

  7. Lets see. Record unemployment especially within certain groups. More industries coming back hence more jobs. Lower gas prices, lower taxes, economy great. President Trump is respected in many countries. He tries to honour the commitments given at election time (not like just about every other politician I know!) and you say only 51% approval rating. Like him or not – he’s doing the best job being president than I know of any before him!! Yes, he should put America first – its their country – not open borders, not part of the NWO global socialist government of which you and I never voted on, nor are able to vote anyone into!!!

  8. I find this poll disturbing, but not because of the “only 51%.” Personally, I think that is too high. There are positive things about his presidency, and there are some very negative things. The middle east move over the Golan Heights raises the bar even higher for someone else – in this case Israel – starting a nuclear war for us with Russia and China, since the world outside of the US recognizes the Golan as being part of Syria. When Assad makes his move to take the Golan Heights back, we will be sucked into defending “our ally” and we know who will be siding with Syria.

    But what disturbs me about the poll is 51 up, 47 down. That means there is only 2% that is sitting on the fence. I don’t think I have ever seen such polarization around a person or issue in my life. I don’t find that kind of polarization comfortable at all.

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