Trump approval rating climbs to 51 percent

The media seems completely mystified by this. Could it be that he is actually accomplishing what the voters wanted him to do?

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-eight percent (48%) disapprove.

Nah, it must be that the deplorables are too dumb to know what they really want.

14 thoughts on “Trump approval rating climbs to 51 percent”

  1. His domestic promises he is delivering on but his foreign policy is being dictated by his owners (bankers, MIC & Israel).

    It is really too bad that he chooses to pursue the empire rather than avoiding conflicts like he campaigned on. Still way better than a Clinton2 administration would have been but he’s alienated a huge part of his base by bombing Syria under false pretences.

    • I’ve been to Syria, twice.

      Ain’t worth bombing a dump. We should let all of these tribes kill each other.

      Grab a beer, bacon, and a ham sandwich and enjoy the view.

  2. Yeah like bombing Syria twice for stupid bullshit reasons!
    He is not draining the swamp – he dove in head first like Obama, Clinton and both Bushes

    Just another neocon propaganda puppet

    • Cruise missiles cost $1 Million (+) each.

      There is no profit, nor way for Lockheed, etc. to stay solvent , unless we use them up.

      We shot of 107 of them, thus there is an order coming for…….107 more. It is good for the economy.

  3. Our rulers are Malthusians. They think there are way too many people on the earth. They tried to slow population growth through birth control, abortion, feminism, safe sex and same sex. Now they want to starve people through higher food prices.

    Food production is energy intensive. Higher energy taxes mean higher food prices.

    The political left promotes global warming as their excuse for higher energy taxes.

    President Trump says he will raise energy taxes but only to save America’s infrastructure, not the planet.

    Same difference. Higher food prices. People die.

    • The 1960-1970 message to lower the population, by encouraging girls/women to stop having babies, only reached certain nations……..( I remember )………while Doctors Without Borders, and numerous Church groups, went to other nations to INCREASE their birth rates……………there is far more ugliness to this than you can imagine.

      If increased population is so bad, why are there so many who encourage millions from “low” consumerism nations to “migrate” to the higher consumer nations?

  4. At his election I was pro-Trump. His trade war against China etc,. his mania about Iran, the Jerusalem declaration, and a few days ago the unprovoked (it was obvious from the TV coverage that the “chemical attack” was fabricated) attack on Syria all contributed to him losing my moral support. Maybe Ted Cruz was the better Republican candidate for the presidency.

  5. Scrofulous media’s problem is that air-head journos think the Trump Phenomenon, akin to 1920s Coolidge Prosperity, is a political entr’acte.

    Superficially, that’s so… but turn again, Whittington: What matters is not verbalizers’ wretched agitprop, but peace and prosperity governed by impartial Rule of Law.

    In the long run, ideas are all that matter, and above all else America is an Idea. Bleat-and-squeak, fuss-and-grunt, as infantile-regressive poseurs may, Old Glory tops Reality’s flagship every time.

  6. Stats are always rigged in these polls, as someone is paying for them and they have an agenda. it’s hard to get the real data otherwise, as it costs money. Approval ratings for presidents always seem to go up with they bomb poor weak countries that can’t fight back.. and Putin is trying to forestall WW3, even as Trumpy seems content to follow the ‘suggestions’ of his deep state buddies. These ratings, like the stock markets, can fall 3x faster than they rise… something fake markets like to forget.

  7. Let’s be clear Rasmussen is the Ford Pinto of pollsters. That’s like Dr. Kevorkian telling you your grandma has a long life ahead of her.

  8. I think it is interesting that it is always the ONE poll that is really high. When you have a single poll that stands out so dramatically you have to assume something is wrong with that one poll. I’ve seen little to indicate that Trump has legitimately earned that kind of approval rating. I would refer to one of the most professional polling organizations in the world for more accurate information. Gallup has his approval rating at about 40% with a disapproval rating around 55%.

  9. The uptick could be because he threw some cruise missiles at someone. Expect it to sink in the coming months.

  10. Why would polls fluctuate all that much?

    50% voted for him and 50% voted against him. Why would there be much of a change?

    Will that many people abandon their choice if one, or two, or even three policy acts don’t go their way?

    I admit I voted for TRUMP and will again, (in my opinionated opinion here, since we are discussing politics here, which I like) since there is nothing I liked about the opposition. Thus, my reasoning is why would anyone switch to the other side when, (to meyou), the other side is far more disappointing?

    If you are/were a Hilary supporter, and she did, or did not, bomb “Country X” would you then switch to TRUMP? No way. So why would TRUMP supporters be so quick to run?

    Illogical. When TRUMP does 51% of the things I don’t like, then I will switch to the candidate that does 51%+ that I do like. Doesn’t that make more sense?

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