Trump approval rating holding at 47 percent

Despite continued relentless attacks by the mainstream media.


Today’s Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that 47% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.

Keep up the good work, President Trump!

A sizable number of voters, including most Republicans, believe former FBI Director James Comey should be punished for leaking to the media.

9 thoughts on “Trump approval rating holding at 47 percent

  1. Isn’t it funny how when Comey mentioned Hilary’s email scandal he was the worst sonofabitch evah! to all Democrats and the MSM but now that he has betrayed Trump he is not only almost forgiven but the new Messiah ?

    Trump’s reactions were the reverse – he thought Comey was great at the time of Hilary’s embarrassment but his opinion of the guy soon soured.

    I find it interesting that an ordinary FBI employee can be fired – I assume – for simply accessing a citizen’s computer records without proper authority yet the head can give classified information to the media and the people who see benefit in these actions including the media cheer.

    I would have thought he has broken the law by his admitted leaks.

    He may be a celebrity for a short while but no-one in their right mind will employ someone who has admitted breaching a trust so publicly.

    I think his career is over – who would hire him now ?

  2. LOL, talk about FAKE!!!!

    BTW: I am considered a climate change denier and right winger, so don’t get any wrong ideas about me.

  3. Comey’s announcement of an investigation of new Clinton emails just before the election was followed by a new announcement, after perusing about a zillion emails over a weekend, that they contain nothing incriminating against Hillary. He was actually influencing voters in favor of Hillary, not against as the MSM suggested.

  4. Gallup… one of the most respected polling sources around has Trump’s approval rating at 38%. He is disliked by so many that I find it hard to believe the Rasmussen numbers. They are like the Soviet judge when the East Germans are skating.

    • That’s the same Gallup organization that keeps miscalling elections. I have no faith in the accuracy of their polling. I’m one of the never-vote-for-Hillary people they missed last November.
      Rasmussen probably is right.

      Trump’s personality sometimes makes me groan but he is slowly getting the job done in spite of a leave-no-prisoners-behind approach from the MSM, Democrat Party, and even the Republicans.

      Do not make the mistake of thinking millions of constitutionalists like me don’t approve of the job Trump is doing. We are not being polled and don’t show up in those ratings. We also know that a lot of Republican senators are hoping still that he will go away. It is not going to happen. In the coming elections they may be the ones to get walking papers from voters for being obstructionists.

  5. Trump has to have a thick skin to endure the relentless badgering. Comey needs to be fired. He is so two-faced – not taking notes when talking to Clinton or Obama – but for Trump, different rules! The Dems should focus on representing their constituents than the relentless hatred shown towards their duly elected President. What he says he is going to do, he eventually does – not like most pollies – all talk no action.

  6. The special election victories especially by Handel, a fiscal conservative who wants the wall cannot be overstated because it gives the House that most precious of things……….momentum.
    The other politicians will flock to bask in the winningness. Optics.

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