Trump approval rating now at 50 percent

So says the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Today’s poll shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance, while 50 percent disapprove.

8 thoughts on “Trump approval rating now at 50 percent

  1. I believe that these polls are still not picking up all the voters that voted for Trump. All the lame polls, including Rasmussen missed the big turnout for Trump and they are still not polling those people. Trump may be a lot more popular than the MSM wants you to believe.

  2. I guess I must be among the minority of Trump voters that voted for him because he talked peace and respecting national sovereignty. Although he has done good as far as reeling in the EPA and environmental concerns, there is damn little else that appeals to me.

    We have suffered through 4 warmongers for president – HW Bush and Desert Storm was a trumped up case to destroy Iraq, Clinton and his missile flinging and destruction of Yugoslavia, W Bush and his trumped up wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama with his continuation of Bush’s wars and adding Syria and Libya.

    The man currently in that office only talked through his butt about Iran, and now commits an act of war against Syria and wants to do the same in North Korea, and in the process apparently is willing to take on Russia, Iran, and China to do so. There was nothing done in Syria that warrants the president taking steps that too easily could have lead to millions of Americans dying.

    My personal position at this moment is if Nixon could be threatened with impeachment for lying to the public about Watergate, and Clinton for his “misunderstandings” about what an act of sex is, Trump can join the party for being clueless about what an act of war is, or what national sovereignty is.

    If we treated North Korea with respect, they wouldn’t be an issue, and Syria is an issue for Syrians and represents no national threat to the US.

    I detest lying presidents, and I don’t care which party they represent. If they lie about one thing, they can’t be trusted to tell the truth about anything else, either. Same goes for the current bozo at Pennsylvania Ave.

    • I share your sentiments. I had high hopes for America and the world after Trump’s election. Some of his appointments are disappointing, e.g. the UN ambassador, the minister of defence (why do Americans call ministers secretaries?), and worst of all his blonde daughter as advisor.
      The missile attack against the Syrian airforce-base, following intelligence disinformation (similar to Iraq’s” weapons of mass destruction”), elicited approval from George Bush Jnr, which proves that it was a blunder.
      On the positive side, the approval of the Keystone pipeline. Will he tear up the Paris Agreement as promised?

    • brilliant start on canning the TPP and the climate/EPA sort out
      but yeah the syrian issue
      its NOT usa biz
      except for the gas/oil pipelines
      when he said hed downgrade the NATO scam and have usa stay home mind its own etc
      i was pleased, as is the majority of the world outside usa
      and now?
      well NK shitfight starts and america isnt in the line of fallout
      but us mugs, downunder
      your “allies” sure will cop it cos we have pine gap and navy bases top end
      yankee go home and stay home please.
      outta a 100 score
      i now give the donald 33

      • I agree that the environmental moves – so far – have my approval, but they all have seemed to stop. There was a lot of talk about a “soft coup” on going back in February, and I think i looks like it was successful. Looks like the “questionable intelligence” and “offense department” are running the country now. Mattis’s nickname of “Maddog” seems very appropriate now, with the missiles in Syria that look more like an attempt to keep anyone from proving the base wasn’t used for a chemical attack than an attempt to damage it, and the attempt to face down Kim, only a “mad dog” would do things like that facing the “fallout” of what those things could do. It’s fortunate that there ARE adult leaders in China and Russia, because if there weren’t, we would be knee deep in s#!t, and radioactive bodies.

  3. ,What really slays me is how a bunch of self centered people expect one man to instantly clean up the crap scum you all been voting for when still surrounded with them. I’d say shut up for now and see what happens, because he’s dragging everyone in, and that needs to be done first. One way is to gather evidence, show the sheeple after you have the proof of crime against you, that way you have enough on your side. 50% is deep alinskie state narrative-every thing looks ligite when it’s close. If potus gets our way, our military will be cleaned up and you will all fund more of your own.

  4. We’ve been had again. Syria is Trump’s Monica Missiles. North Korea is frightening – and Japan’s excuse to rearm! Don’t forget that Abe has been chomping at the bit to rearm and N Korea is his excuse!

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