Trump Fixed Global Warming

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  1. 🙂
    my area is 2c below the average for the area for this month
    do we hear diddly?
    and yet this is curiously enough at the same time were having unseasonably warm days n no rain in sight

  2. How do the Globalist Warming idiots get away with this?

    Redefine “COLD”.

    I am thinking about becoming a Socialist, Leftist, Liberal. With my genius, gift for verbiage, and brilliant insight, I can LIE better than these amateur Liberals.

    I can “out do” Gore……. I can out LIE far, far, better than that moron………. I could make MORE MONEY than that fat pig if I would just sell out my honor, my dignity, my humor and my sarcasm…………………

    • All they need to do is use the KELVIN scale. Mighty hot then.

      35 F turns into around 275 K.

      Now THAT is Globalist Warming at it’s finest !!!!

      • Rankine would be even better then.

        275 K = 495 R.


        For those folks encumbered by only a Metric education, the Rankine scale is the F scale for absolute temperatures. (more or less…). Some of us used it to do heat equations in Chemistry class back in the before times …

  3. We farm on the West Coast of Wales, UK.
    I am 71 yrs old. It was the COLDEST MARCH IN WEST WALES that I can remember for decades.
    In the 1980s/1990s we used to plant fields of early potatoes after February 15th each year.
    This year…2018…..we recorded MINUS 6 CELSIUS ON MARCH 1ST !
    Therefore, any potato seed planted in February , would have been RUINED IN MARCH !!
    It is a VERY late Spring in the UK ! Spring grass is slow.

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