Trump: ‘I don’t believe it’ – Video

Stick to your guns, President Trump. Right now, today, we are living through one of the coldest periods in geologic history.

Refusing to let the wool be pulled over his eyes, U.S President Donald Trump rejected the conclusion of a government climate report compiled by 13 federal agencies.

The study concluded – very mistakenly, I believe – that climate change was man-made, and would have devastating effects on the world’s economy unless addressed soon.

The study says “Earth’s climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities.” (Italics added)

“At any point in the history of modern civilization.” What does that mean?

It means we’re supposed to ignore all of the rest of the millions upon millions of years of climate history.

It means we’re supposed to ignore the fact the the earth has been much warmer than today throughout the great preponderance of those millions of years, all without any help from humans.

But now, based on a report that covers only a minuscule window of time, we’re supposed to destroy civilization in order to “save” it?

The fact is that it is colder right now than throughout almost all of history.

Look at this chart. The blue line shows temperatures for the past 600 million years.

Look at the far right side of the chart (today), and you’ll see that blue line plunge to its lowest point in almost 250 million years.

There have been only two periods in the past 600 million years when it has been colder than today.

Right now, today, we are living through one of the coldest periods in geologic history. The last few year’s minor rise in temperature is too minuscule to even show up on the chart.

Anyone who says we’re enduring “unprecedented global warming” is either lying or woefully misinformed.

Stick to your guns, President Trump!

Graph from “Climate and the Carboniferous Period”

Fourth Annual Climate Assessment:


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  1. Quote:
    The study says “Earth’s climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities.” (Italics added)
    “At any point in the history of modern civilization.” What does that mean?
    Modern history started in the seventies with digital storage of information. The problem with digital storage is modification to suit the political objectives of Governments who pay for the storage and management.
    In other words, the data managers cannot be trusted to not fiddle, particularly when they are grant-maintained researchers living on the taxpayers $ trying to prove that human activity over the last 70 years is responsible for the world’s cyclic rise in temperature, which has happened at least ten named times in the last 17,000 years of this very stunted Interglacial – and frankly during every warm period rise since 500BC and ended ina significant cooling event.
    It’s the Sun “stupid”, to paraphrase Clinton and Gore. Now we need to adapt and survive the cooling to come over the next 140K years. You have 1500 years to plan for the worst.

    • What makes you think that we have 1500 years? Last I heard we could drop into the heart of it in less than 100. Yes, it will take time for the ice to build up, but not to get to the bottom of the temperature scale. By that time, everyone that can move to a hospitable region will have moved, and the remaining time that glaciation takes place will have no viewers. The elite will be living like kings with their vassals living like the serf they will be long before that happens.

  2. From the school of ‘the Sun is nothing to do with climate but if we block it out the Earth will cool’ school of stupidity comes this doozy

    From the abstract.
    “We lay out a future solar geoengineering deployment scenario of halving the increase in anthropogenic radiative forcing beginning 15 years hence, by deploying material to altitudes as high as ~20 km.”

    The sun has nothing to do with it dummy but it has dummy!

    I haven’t read it as reading the little of the abstract I read gave me an aneurysm so I’m posting this from intensive care.

  3. I can’t speak for other countries. In the US, I believe that the breakdown between believers of AGW and disbelievers most pointedly separates those that was educated with no agenda in education and those that have been treated to an education that is driven by agenda. The agenda is anti population and anti civilization. We made the mistake of not paying attention to the education that was given the children, and allowed it to skew in a political direction. Because of this, it is probably only a matter of time before the agenda is driven down our throats. After all there are far more poorly educated people with now closed minds than there are people that still have open minds. Tying increasing cold as an appendage to AGW will prevent even a return to a Maunder minimum from changing the minds of the people raised on a far left education. The western world has probably killed itself, and in time, the movement towards destroying civilization will become irreversible. Best way to try to stop it would be recognizing cellphones for the physical hazard they truly are and banning them. Then, after the shock of not having non-communicating communication being removed, they might be able to start thinking again.

    • I have the same thoughts, BUT, if this coming Ice Age is cold enough, then just maybe the real Europeans will make it, since we do have the genetic instincts, while the invaders may not…………..remember, there is something about EUROPE that makes non-Europeans demand to live there, while there is very little driving Europeans to their areas……that tells you something right there.

      The Ice Age may be a God Send.

      IF, what I have been reading over the last 2 years is anywhere near true, then we are in a world of hurt in the next 2 years. We are supposed to see significant food shortages, and this does not even include the COLD that will be pounding Europe.

      Good luck in supplying the power for heating homes when Europe hates coal, petrol and will depend on the Soviets…….Then, how will they manage millions of people that don’t belong there?

      Stress, shortages, freezing to death can change people’s minds rapidly. The solution will be bloody, but it will have to happen.

  4. Consider this:
    1. Human civilization has existed for less than 10k years, so using a graph that spans 60,000 times that time period, isn’t this misleading? Furthermore, doesn’t the rate at which temperature rises matter? From the graph, it looks like the natural rate of temperature raise is at most 1C/1 million years. Now compare this to 0.8C since 1880, so 0.8C/140 years. Isn’t that a signnificant difference?
    2. Human civilization uses its environment in favor of itself in the ways of farms, pastures, water mills, deforestation etc. living things that predated humans did not; they conform to their environment. Humans have invested interest in keeping the environment stable while animals don’t.
    3. Do you not think that the changing temperature is a cause for the extinction of some species that lived during those time periods? If so, why would humans be different?

    • Be careful – the further back in time you go – the more it is a generic estimate because we lose the detail. Yes over the last 200 years we have been able to fairly accurately record the swings on certain continents and for 40 years can get a relatively accurate global account – but before that we look at tree rings and account in logs and crop failures – and before that we can kind of guess an average from fossils but can’t tell that within a certain 100 year period the swing was this. I am pretty sure over 600 million years there has been a 100 year period with more than a 0.8 degree rise in temps – it is just washed out in averages.

      Also note – even in the last 100 years – the entire 0.8c rise is entirely accounted for by tampering with data and you don’t see much acceleration in modern times either.

    • So many answers. Depends on the baseline you start from as to your hints towards catastrophic. To that end if we have only raised temperature 1° in our coming out of LIA’s or major glaciations then the tables could be turned and say then that a single degree drop could plunge us into serious cold.

      One can only presume you are working on some straight line predictions and ignoring fluctuations as well as ignoring earlier warmer periods ie: prior to 1880. You are wasting your time bringing the ‘hockey stick’ graph on this site.

      No doubt some of the other posters will have some views to share with you.

    • On your #1. “Furthermore, doesn’t the rate at which temperature rises matter? ” Temperature rate depends on the time interval you assign it. Is the slight warming (about .7°C) over the last 100 year been alarming — no, as it is well within natural norms.

      Your point #2 basically is saying humans are not a part of nature. On that point you are wrong! We are part of nature. Are we doing what nature requires of us? How can we as mere humans ever judge. Or has some deity given you a special insight?

      Point #3. When planet-wide temperature rises a little the biosphere benefits. A mere 0.7°C over 100years should be celebrated not vilified.
      Also there is no direct observable evidence that increases in CO2 cause the planet to warm. Historically CO2 levels rise 600-1000 years AFTER a warm event. How warm was this planet 800 years ago? See .

  5. President Trump should stick to his guns while pointing out that during this cold weather it is FOSSIL FUELS and not wind, solar, or more laughably batteries that has saved lives.
    Hydro and Fossil fuels are the only reliable technologies for power when the weather turns cold and snowy.

    Run a Tesla across Kansas today? Only on the back of a diesel powered truck!

    How many would have be killed if Chicago and/or Kansas were powered by just ‘renewables’ (aka ruinables).
    Ruinables are worse than an empty promise, they are death!

  6. Truly; as George Putnam said, it is the “Age of Insanity”. Why are “they” building all the underground facilities? World wide? The so-called “News” is not telling us the riots in Europe are all about the Global Warming taxes! LOL! Trump done good, pulling us out of that deal! I wonder, Is the “Flat Earth” warming too? …just sayin’, maybe it is caused by the flatulence of the Four Elephants on the back of the Turtle! (You know, the one that carries us through Space!)

  7. I don’t know the provenance of that graph, but if it based on data anywhere NEAR what it shows, it points up how truly insane the Leftist/AGW people have gone — giving them the benefit of the doubt. More likely, it shows how incredibly power-hungry and dishonest they are, down to the bone, to carry on what is probably the greatest (and most effective) false propaganda campaign in the history of the species, preparing us not for the coming cold but for catastrophic warming that they know is not.

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