Trump mocks global warming believers

U.S. President Trump mocked climate change advocates Wednesday as U.S. cities braced for their coldest Thanksgiving on record.

“Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?” Trump tweeted.

With temperatures running up to 30 degrees below normal, Providence, RI; Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY; New York City, Hartford, CT; Burlington, VT; and Bangor, ME, were just a few of the cities concerned that they were about to experience their coldest Thanksgiving on record.

“A severe and prolonged wave of cold promises to break all records. What happened to global warming?” Trump tweeted.

MSN tried to pooh-pooh Trumps tweets:

“Many scientists argue that despite cold winters, there is still a trend of warming temperatures recorded around the planet,” MSN maintained.

Even TASS jumped onto the pooh-pooh bandwagon.

“The strong cold snap in the north-east of the country “is not typical for this time,” TASS reported.

Well, yeah, I guess record-breaking cold might not be considered ‘typical.”

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16 thoughts on “Trump mocks global warming believers”

    • Other than the fact that TRUMP “believes” all people are “equal”, and that some people can have their own nation state and others MAY NOT, what else do you disagree with? Really?

      You brought up the topic with your comment, so, tell us. You don’t like lower unemployment? More jobs? Lower taxes? Fewer criminal drug dealers and child rapist? North Korea with nukes?

      Really, What?

  1. Slowly but steadily the truth is coming out. Never be afraid to stand up and say “the Planet is cooling, just as many scientist predicted it would”. But if you do that get some facts sorted out.

  2. Seems incongruous that we set Record Lows more often than Record Highs if the climate is really warming. With the UHI operating on the urban locations sited.
    Trump and TASS appear likely to be right.
    But, so we are told, “The science is settled”. Perhaps as Rahm Emmanuel quipped, crises are to be exploited regardless of facts.

  3. 1930’s still hottest decade on record. The forest fires in the 1930’s dwarfed the California fires in size. Looking at a deep freeze by 2020. The AGW group will blame the cold on man made global warming!

    • Absolutely correct
      The 1930’s stand out as an humiliation of AGW, GHE claims
      But leftist globalists will NEVER acknowledge it.

  4. Undeniably, POTUS has known the gravity and consequences of the forthcoming GSM. One also ponders if Trump has a national agenda designed around the event, establishing an expanded farm belt coming south again as per the 1960 – 1970 decades?

    Just a passing thought,

    Shalom Robert,
    Keep up the good fight!

  5. When the U.N. recently reiterated that extreme weather events are caused by climate change, it’s equivalent to declaring that ageing is caused by the passing years. It’s well known that the climate is always changing on multi-decadal to millions of years time-scales, and extreme weather events are to be expected. So?

    • My apology, I got that wrong. The U.N. was innocent this time. According to a caption on Aljazeera T.V. just now, “White House report blames climate change for extreme weather events”. Visual material implies that a forest fire is also a weather event. Is the president aware of this report from his H.Q.? Who issued it? Some blonde?

    • But then the UN IPCC report contains no evidence that extreme weather events are increasing. Of course nobody in the legacy media reads the actual reports to see that the political summaries are not true summaries of the reports, which are not released until 3 months later when the media with its 5 second attention span is no longer interested.

  6. the media esponse(via warmist prodding) was to say its weather and a short cold spell etc etc
    meanwhile a few days over 1 degree warmer has the saying that proves warming
    uh huh suuure
    it seems in Aus now a series of JUST 3Days over 30c is called a heatwave
    and no- its for real..really stupid but nonetheless
    30c is a warm summer day
    35s getting nasty
    and 40 to 45 is damned hot and truly deserves heatwave status

  7. It is very normal for a Grand Solar Minimum.
    LALIA, Oort, Wolf, Spoorer, Maunder, Dalton and the tepid Gleissberg period 1870 to 1940

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