Trump Mocks Obama’s Fear of Global Warming – Video

“One of the things that so bothers me,” Trump said in front of 20,000 people in Dallas, Texas, is that “Obama thinks the single biggest threat in the world today is global warming. Can you believe it?”

“Then they changed it to climate change because the word global warming wasn’t working,” Trump added. “Then they changed it to extreme weather.”

“I say in terms of global warming the biggest threat we have is nuclear global warming,” Trump continued, referring to the Iran deal.

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13 thoughts on “Trump Mocks Obama’s Fear of Global Warming – Video

  1. on a scale of whos running
    Trump is looking pretty good in comparison..rather scary to say that.
    he might be offending a few where due
    hes NOT doing the PC waffle n evasion

    rand paul seems to have vanished?

    meanwhile in aus we are in deep crap. new PM is a 2faced ex goldman sach man. expecting to see the sane minimalist c02 regs wiped out by the Turncoat fairly soon, and prob sign us away in paris gabfest

    • What annoys me about our new PM – Turnbull – is he has no motivation except Turnbull.

      How can you believe someone who headed the Australian republican movement – a complete opposite to the usual conservative position in Australia – then produced a model for president where politicians choose their buddies with no public input – a model which no-one wanted – only to see the movement fail and THEN he becomes a conservative ?? member of parliament, becomes opposition leader and sells his own side of politics out over nonsense like global warming/climate change just before the 2009 Copenhagen conference is made to look stupid due to the cold ?

      I wouldn’t trust this guy – he will soon show the fools who elected him leader that he is still the same arrogant twit he always was.

    • Our only saving grace are the Nationals. They are now the driving conservative force. Without them in the Coalition government the Turnbull lefties cannot remain in power.

      Barnaby Joyce will not sell out and he will be the next National Party leader. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Trump looks to be putting this PC crap out to pasture…Isn’t it evident by now Americans don’t want a career politician in office…look at the top 3 in the GOP…not a single one has held a political office if that is not a message to those in Washington they better wake up they are next to get axed….time to clean the bullshit

  3. Laurel,
    Sorry to hear that…. it’s been really difficult living here in the US the past few years, even more so because I work for the Feds. Embarrassing at best! But I’m single, 64, not in the greatest health, and don’t have a good pension plan or lots of savings (I do have some, but not enough to get by for 20+ years). Don’t want to live in poverty (been there, done that… and know how bad it is). So I continue to work. I would far rather have Trump win than Hillary!

  4. It never was about carbon dioxide.

    It’s about removing the wealth from the Saudis, Qataris and Iranians from oil.

    No money , equals no finances to fund the constant Shia vs Sunni jihad from which we have ISIS and other groups. (We all know who funds them).

    Cut off the head of the snake and it dies.

    • And when you have weaned the West from the Whalbists and fellow travellers, tax the remaining imported oil in the ground.
      After all, the Warmists state that 70% of all hydrocarbons must stay in the ground.

  5. The new Australian PM is a Manchurian Candidate who would, in fact, make a very good socialist PM.
    Proof of this is his newly appointed cabinet: he has loaded it with all the touch points of the leftist politically correct: “young”, “progressive” and “women”.
    There is no evidence that any of them is competent. However, since his objective is to destroy the traditional conservative party, and remake it as a “socialist light” party, he is doing well.
    Australian, however, is circling the drain.

    • “than which there is no simpler” a quotation I once saw in an Australian novel, referring to either the Australian electorate or their politicians. It would be equally correct to say “than which there is no less simple”, considering Greece, France, the UK or the USA. Let’s face it, democracy doesn’t work. What alternative? Monarchy? Imagine Prince Charles, the end product of centuries of in-breeding, governing his or any other country.

  6. Glad to learn that at least one presidential candidate isn’t fooled by environmentalist propaganda. I would vote for him if I was an American.

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