Trump on climate change – Video

“1970’s global cooling alarmists were pushing the same no-growth liberal agenda as today’s global warming.” – Donald Trump

Trump summarily dismisses leftist’s question on AGW at NH rally:

“I call it weather. You know, the weather changes.” – Donald Trump

“Obama’s speech on climate change was scary. It will lower our standard of living and raise costs of fuel & food for everyone.”
– Donald Trump

“Gore wants us to clean up our factories and plants in order to protect us from global warming, when China and other countries couldn’t care less. It would make us totally non-competitive in the manufacturing world, and China, Japan and India are laughing at America’s stupidity.” – Donald Trump

“With the coldest winter ever recorded, with snow setting record levels up and down the coast, the Nobel committee should take the Nobel Prize back from Al Gore.” – Donald Trump

“Remember Cap-and-Trade? Obama outright admitted that his plan to tax businesses on carbon emissions that exceeded his arbitrary cap would drive energy prices sky high. ” – Donald Trump

“This very expensive global warming bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps, and our GW scientists are stuck in ice.” – Donald Trump

Thanks to Eric Simpson for these quotes

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  1. I agree with each of his statements above. Wish we could have him as our (South Africa) president. That does not apply to Obama.

  2. Trump can sometimes speak ignorantly. In this case he doesn’t know the history of the 1970 effort to get to the UN to warn the world that in 50 years or so there would be a dramatic climate change towards cold.

    It took 2 or three years to get a chance to address the UN which happened in 1973. The UN allowed another group of “Global Warming” folks to present a counter argument to the position taken by the 300 scientists who tried to warn the world of the danger we are starting to realize today. 1970 + 50 = 2020. We are right on schedule as we see the globe cooling with glaciers and icecaps growing, the sun cooling, magnetic fields weakening ….. etc.

    The worlds elite who wish to see the population decline by 85% are pushing this “global warming” agenda knowing that cold kills 20 times the number heat does. Not only will misdirecting our attention to false understandings leave many vulnerable to the coming dramatic changes but they will be able to put in place wealth draining tax systems and policies that will direct all wealth to their pockets.

    They already control the majority of the worlds wealth, it’s seed supply, water & mineral resources, foods & distribution as well as land use.

    Eventually all land will be confiscated in America under the guise of “the peoples greater need”.

    No one should be under any misconception, the world is being taken over by those who love money, power and see themselves as the proper caretakers of the planet.

    Just read the news and look around. It’s the same everywhere. That isn’t a coincidence.

    • I have seen experts like John Cook – the cartoonist that runs the “cartoon” website SkepticalScience – claim there never was a warning about future global cooling in the 1970s.

      This re-writing history is an attempt to confuse as it makes climate alarm appear the stupid nonsense it is – there have always been lunatics running around waving placards with “The End is Nigh” messages.

      The 1970s were certainly dominated by talk of a return to mini ice-age – or even full blown glaciation – as the most likely course for the world climate – I was there and remember it well.

      The CIA prepared 2 reports on the intelligence implications of a cooling world – obviously a starving nuclear armed Russia would not simply throw up their hands and say oh well thats life.

      If Neanderthals and early Homo-sapiens survived climate changes that makes today’s alarm look like a Sunday picnic why should modern man have anything to fear ?

      • PS – a series of solar maximum cycles in the late 20th century – some of the largest ever known – numbers 1, 10, 2, 3 and 4 – put paid to the global cooling scare of the 1970s.

        Since they have subsided and the temperature has stopped increasing for 18 years or so we are in for interesting times.

      • Look if Russia is threatened with starvation due to global cooling, that’s hardly a reason to starve them all to death, is it?

        So if the world is sane, you don’t provoke Russia to invade warmer territories to feed itself, you say ‘we’re all in this cooling world together’ and you make sure that the world gets fed even when the world gets colder.

        America is not ‘the greatest democracy in the world’, it isn’t even ‘the greatest oligarchy in the world’ if it believes starving 150 million innocent people to death is ‘acceptable collateral damage.

        What is it? It’s a genocidal country worthy of having Hitler as its leader.

        Russian people are just like American people – nice, friendly, family-centred and decent.

        The Russian power elite is just like the American power elite.

        Never forget to distinguish between the two groupings……

      • Hi Rosco,
        the word “expert” in front of john c(r)ook??
        the sarc tag was missing:-)
        the old definitions of expert
        ex is a has been
        spurt is a drip under pressure
        applies to that “gent” in the aus vernacular of a gent being a maggot!

    • Indeed, read the book about the Bilderberg Group. BTW, there is more outside the US, but will be treated the same. US President gets his orders from the BB Group, which was founded by the Dutch Royal family. Major US player is Henry Kissinger.

  3. The Donald is not one of the chosen ones , he will put a permanent crimp in all of their Nazi hoaxes. These are the same crowd of agw politicians that murderd the people at Waco Texas with their own military they paid for,they let the Arabs blow up Oklahoma Fed building then killed the white American scumball who was in on it ,thenthey were able to demonize Amercans with domestic terrorism bs. They also made upthe fertilizer lie and that has increased the cost of food production. I also think they blew up the oil rig in the gulf just about three weeks after odumbo approves drilling in the gulf, odumdos nothing more than a puppet and for that he gets to be a wahabist fund raiser. As for land confiscation here in the US , well we have armed ourselves to the teeth the last 25 years because most agwers are also gun grabbers. I can tell you a97% consenses of our county sherrifs have absolutly NO intensions of disarming the people. Odumbo and whos army? Pry em from my cold dead hands , if you are still around. I vote for the Donald.

  4. Australia went through a series of intense droughts in the 1980’s and 90’s which required much Govt. aid, meteorologists, with the kind of haste that became a blight on modern science, roped in El Nino but this time things appear to be diametrically opposite. Rain, rain and more rain Nationwide with no sign of stopping. Follow this fascinating development here.

  5. I would hope the temperatures to drop a lot during the COP21 Paris conference, with huge snowfalls, the airports closed, the trains blocked or delayed, the current supplies cut in some regions, a lot of attendants being obliged to cancel their invitations and the conference ending in a disaster.

  6. Limestone and marble: sedimentary rock, composed of calcium carbonate – CaCO3. Calcium carbonate can be broken apart into one part Calcium, (Ca,) one part carbon dioxide, (CO2,) and one-half part oxygen, (O2.) The carbon dioxide sequestered by calcium carbonate deposits is about three times the mass of Earth’s atmosphere. The oxygen contained in limestone, marble and other calcium carbonate deposits is about equal to the mass of Earth’s atmosphere. The carbon dioxide and oxygen contained in Earth’s calcium carbonate deposits was once in the atmosphere at a level of about six-hundred-THOUSAND parts per million or about fifteen-hundred times the “tipping point” level of 400 ppm. What process “scrubbed” all of said carbon dioxide, (in addition to the carbon sequestered in the hydrocarbons, coal and petroleum,) from Earth’s atmosphere. Is it possible that Gaia brought forth Man to release the life-giving carbon dioxide from the calcium carbonate and hydrocarbon deposits of her planet, Earth?


      This is a good question.
      Also, we are here because of White Rot Fungi. Life on Earth would have ceased to exist, were it not for White Rot Fungi:
      There was no guarantee that fungi or any other decomposer species would develop the complex of enzymes required to digest lignin. If they had not, CO2, which had already been drawn down for the first time in Earth’s history to levels similar to today’s, would have continued to decline as trees continued to grow and die. That is until CO2 approached the threshold of 150 ppm below which plants begin first to starve, then stop growing altogether, and then die.
      Not just woody plants but all plants. This would bring about the extinction of most, if not all, terrestrial species, as animals,
      insects, and other invertebrates starved for lack of food. And that would be that. The human species would never have existed. This was only the first time that there was a distinct possibility that life would come close to extinguishing itself, due to a shortage of CO2, which is essential for life on Earth.”

  7. Trump is saying the right things regarding this issue. He is one of the few public figures with a large enough profile to speak and not be ignored and shouted down.

  8. Meanwhile, the NOAA is refusing to give up it’s records to Congress, explaining why they suddenly chose to “adjust” the temperature data from earlier years thereby making current years appear warmer by comparison. The House wants to know what the basis was for making these adjustments and has subpoenaed NOAA’s emails and records accordingly.

    If NOAA has a legitimate reason for their adjustments, then they should have no trouble complying with this subpoena. But, this will now, no doubt, get stuck in some kind of legal limbo like every other damn thing in DC that House oversight wishes to shine a light upon. Sigh! This is why people are fed up with Washington and are attracted to candidates like Trump.

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