Trump outperforming Clinton in several in polls

Trump outperforming Clinton in several in polls

You might not know it if you depend solely on the mainstream media, but “The Donald” remains slightly ahead of Hillary in several polls.


21 Oct 2016 – The latest Rasmussen poll finds Trump with a 43% to 41% lead over his Democratic rival.

The IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll also shows Trump up by one (Trump 41%, Clinton 40%)

Meanwhile, no surprise, mainstream media polls show Hillary ahead.
Those include CNNMSN and NBC.

The lesser of two evils

A different Rasmussen poll found that only 45% of likely voters were excited by either candidate, and that 48% say they will be voting for the lesser of two evils

3 thoughts on “Trump outperforming Clinton in several in polls”

  1. well outsider looking in
    Id vote Trump
    because that nasty woman…
    is venal and damned determined to start ww3
    choice of spots Russia china mid east ukraine
    or all 4.
    and i doubt it would take her 12mths to do it.
    and if Trumps mob wanna bitch? well they should have fielded viable alternatives
    they didnt

  2. Not surprised by the Rasmussen poll. The US needs to look at the system that produced such poor candidates. Even though a lot of votes are for the least worst they aren’t this bad.

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