Trump reneging on climate-change promises?

Now claims there is ‘some connectivity’ between humans and climate change.

For me, one of the strong points of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s campaign was his adamant belief that human-caused global warming was nothing more than a dangerous hoax.

It’s “bullshit,” said Tump during the campaign.

Now, I guess it’s more like watered-down piss.

Because when asked today by journalists at the New York Times if he thought human activity was linked to climate change; Trump wobbled: “I think there is some connectivity,” said Trump. “Some, something. It depends on how much.”

Trump also  refused to repeat his promise to abandon the climate accord reached last December in Paris. “I’m looking at it very closely,” said Trump. “I have an open mind to it,” adding that clean air and “crystal clear water” are vitally important.

If his words are being reported correctly, tonight I am very disappointed in Trump.

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43 thoughts on “Trump reneging on climate-change promises?”

  1. Me too. I had high hopes some sort of truth commission would be set up to end once and for all the liberal universal lie.

    Off topic, there is an article about a huge raft of pumice found in the middle of the pacific.

    • www DOT stuff DOT co DOT NZ/world/south-pacific/86767380/Air-Force-spot-huge-floating-pumice-raft-in-the-remote-South-Pacific

  2. Well, there is heavy snow tonight in Upper New York State…….in mid November !!


  3. It is not yet clear that Trump is a fake or can be coopted to the Oligarchy’s agenda. But if he can it simply means that leadership in this fight must be found elsewhere.

    It is unlikely that the fight will not come even if it is lost. I would argue that the two great issues of the present are economic failure and state legitimacy. Something of a combination of the Civil War and the Great Depression.

    People will be forced to take a position for or against current economic policy and increasing state centralization. Both represent increasing stress for most of the population.

    Addressing Green policies specifically, these policies are proving themselves to be genocidal in intent. We have gone from the days of Lady Bird Johnson when environmentalism seemed to be all about picking up the trash along the roadways to the current suppression of whole industries people’s lives depend on in the name of Gaia.

    Events will force a fight. If Trump disappoints look for a new Champion and do not assume that we must wait four years for the contest to begin.

    The FED may raise rates in December. A truly desirable act provided there is aggregate demand support to go along with it. By itself higher rates will bring down an economy that well deserves to fall but will also bring down the population that depends upon it.

    Under those circumstances we cannot expect to wait four years for a showdown. The current election shows that people are eager to choose up sides.

  4. Regardless of Trumps climate pronouncements he needs the billions promised to Paris to get the US economy off its knees.
    The world’s climate will continue to cool rapidly regardless of the AGW New York Times which is only writing stories which it rabid minority metropolitan elite wish to read.
    Hillary would have never changes her climate policies as the world’s climate cools as the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum become apparent to even the man in the street. Trump can, and will changes his policies to suit the needs of the day, after all he is a business man practised in creating a profit and retaining it from the grasp of taxation politian’s like Hillary who simply spend it and create nothing.

  5. Remember
    #1. Trump is in an ongoing war with the MSM and loves to set them up.

    #2. Trump has another two months before he assumes office and needs to keep the snowflakes from burning down the country before he takes the reins. He knows his supporters will not riot or kill.

    #3 . Trump has to get his cabinet picks and Supreme Court pick approved by congress.

    #4. Trump has laws he has to get passed like the law that wipes out all of Obummers regs from the last three months.

    #5. As Trump said in one of the debates when asked what his plans about ISIS were, “Why should I tell the enemy exactly what my plan is.”

    #6. The MSM lies.

    #7. Trump plays 3-D chess.

    Those of us who have watched Trump closely over the last year and 1/2 are enjoying watching Trump setting up the MSM.

    Last what is happening that the MSM is deflecting your attention from with all this, HMMmmm?

    When NYT and Snopes come out to “Debunk it” it must be 100% true!!

    Or maybe not…

    display string

    A youtube of above. Note the photographer got arrested for taking photos inside pizza joint.

    So let’s give Trump a bit of time to finness the situation. Also Tony Heller has given Trump’s Transition team a presentation on the temperature record corruption. Trumps EPA pick is a skeptic Tony knows and approves of.

  6. caught mention of this via our warmist leader media ABC this arvo
    was seriously hoping it was wrong
    being realistic
    the mans copping a LOT of pressure from the establishment,
    and he isnt IN yet
    and if he wants to remain alive to GET into office
    then softly softly catchee monkey;-)
    benefit of the doubt presently.

  7. I suppose we have to wait and see what he does, not what he says. Even so, he seems to be backing away from a number of things he has said.

  8. Are you really, actually surprised? He was a liberal for the majority of his life. He is the consummate salesman. He is also a buffoon, a con man(salesman), a narcissist bully who is very insecure personally. He went through the campaign for fame and to enrich himself and his family. I admit I voted for him, not because I like him or believed his promises, but because even he is better than Hilary. Anyone is better than Hilary. There is no excuse for what happened at Benghazi.

  9. Robert, don’t fret. For arguments sake, I belive Trump was right with his statement about Climate Change and human activity. Note that he said “Some, something. It depends on how much.” I believe you will be very happy once he becomes President. Trump will use the science that very little warming is due to humans and proceed to eliminate all of Obama’s Executive Orders, which is all Obama has, in regards to Obama’s climate legacy.

  10. Maybe Trump is being programmed by the elite with sophisticated mindcontrol techniques, or being persuaded otherwise by pro warming president Obama, who knows.
    But he did say that he would study the Paris climatechange treaty for its merits or not, so let’s wait and see.
    In meanwhile there’s this youtube site on the imminent global cooling phenomenon for at least 70 years or so and the film in the middle, discussing this winter’s forecast is really interesting to watch .
    Mention is made of cooling seawater temperatures and it is said that despite the Northpole temporarily being 20 degrees warmer than normal, it’s still freezing at least 12 degrees below zero, so no melting sea ice whatsoever.

  11. We can control the climate and have been playing with systems to see effects upon cloud coverage and ocean currents. Yes the activities of man and his machines can cause effects for the greater good or not so good.
    The new world of warfare, attack each others economy with machines designed to manipulate ones crops and heavily populated areas. There is a lot more than just this on the table when you reach that office.

    All Mr. Trumps statements to any press has been speculative at best addressing almost any top issue concerning the current administration.
    He has not taken the oath of office and I seriously doubt Mr. Trump wants to give the alt left any ammunition or fuel to add to the fires of the paid demonstrators.
    These miserable, miserable news agencies should have their printing presses disassembled and thrown into the smelters.
    The leftist, communist, socialist, marxist media and outlets are creating false narratives, purposely, to create as much hatred and violence across the nation as they purposely can. They should and need to be held accountable just as Hillary and the other warmongers need to imprisoned for theircriminal activities.
    I for one cannot blame Mr. Trump for proceeding lightly right now. These goons will twist and turn anything any Trump supporter says to make sure the nation is in flames when the new POTUS arrives. This would be a good time for liberal states to step up to the plate and stop the hate in their communities. However it seems these State leaders have no room for love or respect for anyone against a total government take over.

    Hang in there Trump maybe the fires will burn out before long.

  12. Trump campaign organizers were on Fox News last night, and they said that Trump’s promise to investigate Clinton, and his getting the crowd to chant, “Lock her up!” were simply campaign rhetoric. According to them, he’s going to leave her alone. If his campaign promises turn out to be blatant lies to gain office, then this will be the biggest con job ever pulled on the public by any politician in the last 100 years.

    • yeah..but…he personally might back off
      but the agencies exposed prior who didnt push investigation
      may well now have to
      one hopes

  13. Trump made a verbal contract to his supporters. If Trump does not honor that contract, then he is a liar! No way around the above. PEOPLE DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM JUST TO HAVE HIM WALK FROM HIS PROMISES AS OTHER POLITICIANS ROUTINELY DO!

  14. Are you disappointed in the thought of clean air and crystal clear water? CO2 is definitely a hoax. But pollution is not. If Trump puts the emphasis on cleaning up the environment for improved quality of life than he has my support. The emphasis should always have been on that rather than the cap-and-trade scam. Yep, I’m all for giving people jobs that have them cleaning up our land and water rather than giving billionaires more corporate welfare. But we’ll see.

  15. I’m taking a wait and see attitude. Politics is like a chess game, and often what is said in campaigning is tempered when it comes to actually doing something. There is no denying the link between humans and climate (change), but it’s a two way street. Meaning, human activity does play a(t least a small) part in affecting climate, albeit more locally, while overwhelmingly, a changing climate has a far greater impact on humans. A simple look at history illustrates this. I think Trump & advisors are merely laying the groundwork for a reasoned transition away from government sponsored climate alarmism towards a more reasoned practical approach of dismantling the AGW/Catastrophic Climate Change machine. It is not going to happen overnight, and if you thought so, then I politely suggest you shelve naivete. The true information with regards to climate and climate drivers will have to be disseminated slowly at first in order for the masses to accept and come to terms with reality. It may well end up that ‘mother nature’ will provide for most of the heavy lifting in this regard, with the Sun going to sleep, and the worldwide cooling now underway. So I say, wait and see, and share what you know with those who have bought into the alarmist viewpoint.

    • My sentiments exactly (except I am less likely perhaps to see humans as having any impact on climate other than some geoengineering techniques)… Climate changes certainly can impact humans, I think of natural climate changes impacting agriculture and other food resources, drought and other weather related hazards and disasters affecting us… including sometimes the need for mass migration.

      For one thing, I think it is good that he appears to be listening to people who did not vote for him as well as listening to those who did, unlike the current “POTUS” who the minute he got into office declared anyone who did not vote for him was “our enemies”. The truth is the role of the president of the US is to be the president of every citizen, not just those who like him/her and support him/her.

      I hope he does not backtrack on his campaign promises – but as a wise person I knew once said – it’s important to pick your battles! Anyone in a position of leader of a nation needs to be able to negotiate and make compromises… albeit showing the wisdom to make appropriate compromises.

  16. He also said the most corrupt, evil couple that ever hit Washington DC were “good people”, and he wasn’t going to follow through on appointing a special prosecutor over the e-mail activity, with its criminal aspects. He’s collapsing like the Twin Towers in the estimation of many of us. Maybe those who speak of the “deep, or shadow, government” are right. There are evil, powerful forces somewhere. Obama is apparently going to live in DC, so that should tell us something. He’s a tool of evil. Fiddlin

  17. Don’t expect him to take on everything and everybody at once. He must pacify some vicious enemies. Please give him time to consolidate his power. No one should expect him to destroy himself before the inauguration. And he is up against all the power in the world on this issue alone! Lighten up! Let him breathe. The enemy has been woking this plan for over 45 years, with the entire world media and govt’s behind it. Now, just reflect on the money alone that he is talking about. The art of any good deal is about time! By the way, the Earth’s climate itself will prove our case.

    • Vance, Agreed 100%, and good points. If you recall what he said about Mosul, iraq….you don’t tell them you are going to invade. Give him a chance. He isn’t even in office yet. There are more subtle ways to achieve your agenda than open hostilities, such as defunding, de-prioritizing – time will tell thou

  18. Media lies again. Just look who he made head of the EPA, judge the man by his actual actions, not what the media throws our way

  19. I am not sweating it. Yet.
    Trump is a genius at playing one side against the other to get what he wants.
    I never thought I’d say that, but he has proven himself to be one adaptable and nimble operator.

  20. Some are saying this is a head fake to keep from stirring up the watermelons and violent rioting crybabies even more than they already are, until he’s in office and actually has power.

    Let’s hope so.

    • To anyone wondering the reference above to watermelons has nothing to do with race.
      It is a reference to hidden Marxists that use a green agenda to push their red intentions.
      Green on the outside, red on the inside. Like a watermelon.

  21. Maybe he was pressured into doing it so he doesn’t lose his funding. If trump actually means what he says I lost it all for him and regret the day he won he election

  22. Everybody Relax.
    Trump is 10 steps ahead of us. We just don’t understand his game-plan yet. These are “misleading statements” with an underlying purpose.
    His is just trying to trick Obama and a few others for strategic reasons. For example he wants Obama to believe there is no need to get Hillary a Presidential Pardon. Things like that.
    You will see when he takes office and he actually gets to make, and delete, policies. Trump will be Epic.

  23. Robert, this means maybe that Trump will fight urban polution in the air and in the water but not CO2. Makes sense.

  24. A bit disappointing to hear the least. He better not turn in a PUSSY by the time January comes around!! He must stick to his guns as he promised before the election!!


  25. Just to be clear, his statement is correct but not how MSM think it is correct. We know that urbanisation effects temperature via thermal capacity of cities, furthermore, the more work into the system the more energy it has, usually ending up as heat transmitted, these are human influences. Furthermore, humans are destroying our oceans with trash, plastic island’s etc. Etc. So he is correct, but remember global warming theory original is not modern day climate change theory and finally, the major factor is not green houses gases (which has a tiny influence and which we can control) its the sun!

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