Trump speech withdrawing from Paris Climate Accord – Video

Video of entire speech

1 Jun 2017 – “We’re getting out,” says President of the United States Donald Trump. The agreement “disadvantages the United States.”

Thanks to Viv Forbes for this video

3 thoughts on “Trump speech withdrawing from Paris Climate Accord – Video”

  1. Trump’s greatest speech yet. He did a great job describing the unprecedented devastation and destruction Obama-Clinton had unleashed on America. Paris was a WMD wrapped in green.

  2. Good on you, Mr President!
    Wish our Prime Minister of Australia took your stance.
    Here in South Australia, we just hope we have power throughout winter. As I questioned once before: What did South Australia have before candles? Electricity!

  3. It is so refreshing and encouraging to see a President lead the way in putting his people first. I am not sure why all other leaders (including our own in New Zealand) blindly follow the idiotic policies and agreements that bind us to the greed mindset that dominates. It pretends to have the best interests of the earth and its population at heart, but in truth cares for nothing other than its own dominance and power.
    Good on you President Trump, you have given us hope for humanity.

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