Trump supporters are domestic terrorists now – All 75 million of them

Read and weep… (Letter sent by one of my readers.)

Republican decency and desire to always play by the rules has been masterfully played by the left. The protest on the 6th was the largest civil rights protest in American History. The truth is that half of the country is outraged over stolen elections and the bleak future a one-party rule offers to America.

People are angry because the way this election was run and was allowed to stand means we will never have fair elections in this country ever again. That is the real big issue here. One million of us came to protest and for each one in DC, another five stayed home and rooted. Yet, the propaganda machines of mass media have drilled the word “riot/violence/treason” into the heads of the unsuspecting many so well that the moderate Republicans, “the good Germans” that they turned out to be have blacked out at the word “violence” and stopped thinking at that point. A few handy labels were thrown around, insurrection, riots, treason…. After all, who wants to be a part of the radical traitors group?

Well done, fake news.

Our uniter in chief Biden lost no time calling Trump supporters “domestic terrorists.” Yes, go back and listen to his words. Trump supporters are domestic terrorists now. All 75 million of them.
If you repeat a lie a hundred times it becomes a reality. Patriots arguably broke a door and two windows and roamed the People’s house. This is the least damage we saw for any protest this year. The deaths were not from the patriots’ hands.

Sadly, this summer we had infinitely more damage and deaths from non-stop protests by BLM and Antifa, widely celebrated by the left. Yet, the damage on the 6th was blown out of proportion with one purpose only – to obfuscate the real issue of the civil rights violations of 75 million people who believed in playing by the rules.

Bolshevick’s tactics never change: deflect, delegitimize, and demonize in order to annihilate the political opposition. If we are domestic terrorists than any means necessary are ok, right? And the helpful idiots figured that if it is indeed domestic terrorists we are talking about, we want nothing to do with them. And their cause. To be fair, they got scared. And they rationalized their fear by clinging to some imaginary high moral ground to look good in their own eyes.

Well, people never change. “First they came for others” is playing in front of your very eyes. I got a death threat overnight, my business has been vandalized by graffities, yet again. I cannot pick up a phone without hearing another message of hate. My crime? I am a domestic terrorist for having attended the Capitol rally. Gestapo of the left is ruthless and any means necessary are ok once you make your political opponent into a sub-human.

I do not blame you for being afraid. It is scary. They go after your livelihood and now, life. Most of our representatives are afraid and that is why they did not stand up for us.

You know, the older I get the more important it is for me to be at peace with myself than with others. I will stick to that for now. No matter the cost.

According to one of my readers, Adoni, the above letter was written by an attorney in California who attended the protest. She was born in Russia but raised in Massachusetts. If you happen to know her name, I’d love to give her proper credit.

9 thoughts on “Trump supporters are domestic terrorists now – All 75 million of them”

  1. As sad as this ‘scripted diversion’ being rolled out is, remember that at least we now [100 years later] have THE vaxx(s) with 95% efficacy against viral common colds and flu (well that was before Covid beat them to it and completely wiped out the flu first)… and they always used to say there was no cure for the common cold before, but luckily ‘we got science’ now. We need to get the whole planet [well actually just the humans] injected post-haste, without hesitancy and with total confidence in our Health Care System, Big Pharma and all the same folks who control voting results, fluoridation levels, MSM, social media, our attention [or lack of it] and the many other good things in our lives. Elections and Democracy theatre come in a far second to everybody’s health… so trust your doctors, trust the media and especially trust the CDC… there’s no conspiracy here folks, just get your damn vaccine(s). Once all of our health is ‘normalized’ world-wide these ‘serious’ election problems will likely just fade to black for the many.

  2. But they prattle on about “democracy” and conservatives are Nazis. Huh?
    Anyone with an IQ over room temperature can see they are minions of the Bolsheviks.
    George Carlin nailed it.

    • Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and George Soros are not ‘bolsheviks’. They are obscenely rich ueberbillionaires who think they should control the world without actually having to get elected…..

      You Americans need to focus on how the greatest beneficiaries of ‘the American Dream’ now behave. They ain’t Bolsheviks, they are money-grabbing fascists.

  3. This was planned hundreds of years ago.

    I can not comment the way I would like, but do your own research.

    The Conspiracy Theories, that are laughed, at are Real.

  4. As disturbing as this past week has been, it is still FAR less important that preparing for the effects of the Eddie Minimum. I’m in north Louisiana and I woke up to FIVE INCHES of snow. 2 years ago, this month, we also had 3-5 inches of snow. We need to stop putting out energy, time and resources in all this political BS and instead we need to put them into preparing, so that we, our family and our neighbors can make it through the cold times ahead.

  5. If they call you domestic terrorists, then behave like real terrorists. All the ‘lawmakers’ are scaredy-cat cowards after all… for foreign wars like they are buying their kiddies candy, but outraged that ‘they might have got infected by Covid19’ when a few long haired Americans walked up onto Capitol Hill.

    How about worrying about losing your life by Capitol Hill being bombed? I am sure we could fly in plenty of residents of Aleppo to tell you how that feels……

    That’s what terrorism is about.

    A rubicon has been crossed in America and those of us looking in from the outside no longer consider American elected representatives to represent humanity.

    They represent grifting, corruption, criminality, warmongering and the absolute antithesis of the US Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution….

    Go rewrite the Declaration of Independence and replace the words ‘the King’ or ‘George III’ with ‘Joe Biden’ or ‘Nancy Pelosi’.

    See how that reads and ask if it expresses your feelings adequately….

  6. The leftist commie playbook is “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky which he dedicated to none other than Satan himself. It should be mandatory reading for all remaining true patriots so that you would know how the left operates and what’s coming next. And, btw, they are following their demonic playbook perfectly.

    • I know a renowned Chicago Marxist who was a key member of the SDS in the Days of Rage and last November when I was working at her home I noticed she was really loving her Antonio Gramsci books too.

  7. The Nazis were Socialists. (National Socialist German Workers’ Party.) They were no more right-wing than a bowl of mashed potatoes. That is what these people are. But they don’t know REAL history, and will suffer for not knowing what happened 85 years ago.
    I do not take anything for granted. Never will.
    It is not good, but it does have a lifespan.

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