Trump vows to end billions of dollars in payments to UN for climate change

“[I will] cancel business in payments to UN climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and infrastructure program,”Trump told a rally in St. Augustine, Florida.

He also vowed to lift restrictions on energy production from shale, oil, natural gas and coal, saying it would provide jobs.

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4 thoughts on “Trump vows to end billions of dollars in payments to UN for climate change”

  1. compare this to the shebeasts utterly moronic” Millions of solar panels”
    the cost/the land mass required etc
    and the ongoing maintenance etc etc

  2. I agree Laurel… and this here is coming from one woman who is certainly not voting for that lying, corrupt, nasty, evil woman.

    I don’t have a problem with some homeowner or business who decides they prefer to use solar panels using them… just don’t ask me to pay for it! And people tend to overlook some of the problems they create. I lived in an apartment complex in southern CA that used solar panels to heat the water… .not a bad idea it would seem in a sunny place, but after a number of years the water system developed mineral deposits the size of baseballs that would bang and clang all over the place any time someone in the complex turned on their hot water… .my bedroom unfortunately was right next to the tank and I had to move because I could not sleep for the noise!

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