Trump vows to end billions in payments to U.N. climate-change program

Trump vows to end billions in payments to U.N. climate-change program

“You know what that’s called?  Giving it to an open pit,” ” said Trump.


We will use the money to instead invest in America’s water and environmental infrastructure, says Trump. “We’re going to fix our own environment.”

“That includes repairing so many of Florida’s problems,” including the Herbert Hoover Dike, the Florida aquifer and the everglades.

“We don’t need to give hundreds of billions of dollars away, we have no idea who’s getting this money,” Trump added. “Giving it to the United Nations, you know what that’s called? Giving it to an open pit.”

Mr. Trump also vowed to lift restrictions on energy production from shale, oil, natural gas and coal, saying it would provide jobs.

14 thoughts on “Trump vows to end billions in payments to U.N. climate-change program”

  1. Trump won’t be allowed to win. If by some curious breakdown in the necessary mechanisms, he does, there will be hell to pay.

    No matter, it will only be a matter of time before people continue to wake up.

    • The problem is, the people that will wake up are the party leaders. They didn’t expect Trump to resonate with the people as he has, and they will never allow a candidate to run on a party ticket that isn’t more thoroughly vetted to walk the party line again. Trump is correct when he says this is the last opportunity for the people to regain their country. True “maverick” candidates will no longer be allowed by the two named, one action party that rules.

    • Have a nice sleep Lloyd? It’s your time to wake up now. I guess your employment is dependent on grants coming from the AGW hoax?

      • I disagree; I think this is the best outturn possible.
        For a start the silent forgotten western majority has woken up and voted, for too long the minority metropolitan socialist elite has ridden roughshod over the needs and wishes of the people who do the hard work in the economy, earn the profits, pay their taxes, and get very little out the enterprise they work for.
        This isn’t just an American result; this has, and continues to happen, in all of the Anglo Saxon speaking countries world-wide, and I expect that movement to become apparent within the socialist EU as well with the French and the Italians having their own version of Brexit before the end of 2017.
        We now need a period of climate truth and reconciliation to produce science which is based on fact rather than green socialist fraud, with the latter fraudsters going to jail.

  2. Get ready folks for the greatest robbery in the history of mankind.
    Hillary Clinton will out do Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Genghis Khan will be made to look like Saint Francis of Assisi, the British rape and pillaging of India during The Great Game will be made to look like a great charity, the Roman Empire’s impunity asserted upon Europe and much of the Middle East will be made into a non event, compared with what she and her evil minions will do to win power tomorrow. Tomorrow dear fellow souls of humanity, we lose Democracy.

    If by some stroke of miracle of cosmic proportions Trump wins. He will not be around for long. The evil minions will see to that.

    America is on a dead straight heading for turning the world into their personal supermarket, and the rest of us will be just the cockroaches scurrying about that need to be dealt with the only way you do with an infestation of cockroaches.

    Who would have thought that the last 100 years with all the wars, hurt and pain that people endured would be what we will be craving for again, compared to the next 100 years of hell that is coming. All thanks to the U S of A, and that nation’s blind stupidity and indifference to truth and justice.

    Remember 2016. It was not a very good year, but it was the last good chance we had for a good future. 2016 will go down in the annuals of history as the year we lost our decency.

    I wish those of you who understand what is coming God’s mercy. As for the rest of you, hell is too good a place for such villainy.

    • have to say I agree.
      if he does win theyll do a kennedy on him anyway
      but its so rigged i cant see how he can
      and if bummers tripled the national debt in 8 yrs
      imagine what she can do..all those weapons dont come cheap and theyll be dropping many..and losing a lot of equipment too.
      the word Harridan fits her well

    • Two problems here. First, it isn’t the USA that is turning the world into its private supermarket. It is those wealthy bankers, and others that have bought the politicians that are behind it. The USA is a country of people, the politicians are a wholly owned menagerie, and their allegiance is to the shadow world government, not to the people in the USA.

      Second, God is love and compassion. I do not believe he said “Thou shalt not kill” and intended that only to apply to humans, but applies to Him as well. To that end, I do not believe He created a place to punish those that did wrong as that isn’t compassionate. I do believe He might return them to life in a harsher world to allow them to learn to redeem themselves.

      Judging by the way this world has been going, I suspect this is just such a place since it is definitely getting worse to live in. Going by this line of thought I can only wonder how bad was I that I got thrown back into the mess!

      • Government, bankers or whomever, they are part of The People. The government gets elected by The People. No, I have to disagree. The reason why things are the way they are is because The People of the USA are largely like the very people they vote for. Government is just a microcosm of society. The reason why the USA is what it is, is because Americans vote for it. You can’t separate the government from the govern. Take responsibility for electing the nightmare you do. If you want better government….fight for it! Cop outs like yours, only lead to more bigger nightmares, and that is what’s really the problem, NO BODY IN THE USA TAKES RESPONSIBILITY! As you so simplistically proved.

    • And you think HC will be any better, I don’t think so.
      Do you think that American Blue collar workers will have a better standard of living, when the Clinton are leading the charge to outsource their jobs to more deserving third world cheap workers.
      Without cheap energy, Jobs, skilled workers to make products, whether that is in service sector or in energy production, or manufacturing, your economy tanks, and everybody is out of work. No work no food.
      The alternative 79 years ago was that Hitler and Stalin won and the West lost, and America instead of Japan was Nuked by Germany with a V3 during the late forties, we both wouldn’t be having this Internet Conversation and if I were here now in that world, I would be speaking and writing in German, in the modern safe world of today that isn’t a problem, I find it easier to speak German than French .

  3. It all goes to the UN to fund the NWO. If you don’t believe this you haven’t been exposed to the right information.

    It’s a fact and they don’t hide it.

  4. This web-site = 1 – MSM= 0 w,r.t. the election outcome.
    The day before the election MSM polls indicated that Hillary had a 2.5% lead over Trump. Can we now look forward to the prosecution of false scientists/climate fraudsters?

    • Once the AGW climate funding tap is turned off, particularly to the IPCC, then the investigations can take palce as to who manipulated the climate data sets to set up this fraud.
      After that, if fraud in found while working in Public Office then let loose the dogs of the FBI and then throw a way the key.

  5. Thank you good people of the United States of America. You have followed our referendum marker in fine style.

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