Trump’s greatest dereliction of duty – – his disgraceful denial of climate change

So screams an opinion piece in the Washington Post.

(Exerpts) – “Trump’s open hostility toward any action on climate will elevate it to a defining issue in the 2020 campaign. Voters will choose between a president and Republican Party proud of systematic resistance to any action on climate, and a challenger and Democratic Party dedicated to historic efforts to limit the already costly threat to life as we know it.

Against this real and escalating threat, Trump — aided and abetted by Republicans in Congress — has pushed to roll back regulation after regulation to curb fossil-fuel emissions. The president has deep-sixed President Barack Obama’s climate plan, rolled back automobile mileage standards and opened federal lands to fossil-fuel companies.

At a time when the international scientific community has concluded that we have 11 years to avert the worst of climate change, Trump and his Republican allies are working to intensify the threat, not deter it. A more egregious dereliction of duty is impossible to imagine. Trump’s denial mirrors the story of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. Like Nero, Trump is helping set the flames. Democrats are raising the alarm. The contrast cannot be clearer.

I agree with that last sentence: “The contrast cannot be clearer.”

The choice is ours. Do we want to continue reaping the rewards of a vibrant, healthy economy? Or do we want to follow some radical misguided leaders on a suicide mission into a tangled world of onerous regulations and slavery?

Indeed, it would be suicide.

With no fossil fuels, what kind of a life would we have?  Almost everything in our lives that we now take for granted requires constant and dependable access to energy. Any sort of manufacturing, any sort of travel, any sort of health care, any sort of construction, any step in food production, all require constant and dependable access to energy.

Is this really what we want?

Think back to how people lived in the 1500s. No cars. No trucks. No ambulances. No airplanes. No tractors. No snowplows. No air conditioners. No furnaces. No electricity. No streetlights. No computers. No cell phones. No televisions. No movies. No refrigerators. No dishwashers. No hairdryers. No makeup. No electric toothbrushes. No electric razors. No electric saws. No pavement on our roads. No new homes. No new shoes. No new clothes. No new apartments. No water treatment plants. No sewage treatment plants. No hospitals. No MRIs. No organ transplants.  No laser-guided surgeries. No medications (and no plastic bottles in which to place them). No defibrillators. It would take pages to list all of the things that would be forcefully wrenched from our lives.

Is this really what we want?

Of course, none of this would apply to ‘important’ people, like politicians or Greenies.

Read entire opinion piece by Katrina vanden Heuvel here:

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30 thoughts on “Trump’s greatest dereliction of duty – – his disgraceful denial of climate change”

  1. There is nothing in the world that will change these people from their course.
    The true believers have strong faith. The ones who know better realize this their best shot at one world socialism.
    No scientist, no graph, no data-set or politician will convince them otherwise.
    2 mile high glaciers roaring down from the North Pole will not convince them.

    • because FACTS dont matter, its emotion theyre using in very well orchestrated psyops to manipulate the sheeple to sign their own death warrants basically
      and using the very young and the old who get panicked about percieved(not actual) threats to their grandkiddies.
      emotional abuse whatever way you look at it
      Robert I am sending a link to a podcast everyone needs to listen to
      warning its enough to make peope get VERY angry

  2. Nero did not fiddle while Rome burned; he recited a classical poem about the destruction of Troy. But the Roman Empire prospered due to a climate significantly warmer than we have today. Likewise our Neolithic ancestors during the Holocene optimum, the Minoans during the Minoan optimum, and the people of the high Middle Ages during the Medieval optimum. Now our atmosphere and the continental interiors are getting colder, while the oceans are getting warmer, heated from below. Looks like snow!

  3. Or do we want to follow some radical misguided leaders on a suicide mission into a tangled world of onerous regulations and slavery?

    Y’all is about 75% of the way to Total Slavery; Trump or no Trump; just need to tighten and adjust your collars & leashes; what they colloquially call “tweaking”; I would give it another five to ten years before all the “safeguards & security” apparatuses are irrevocably locked in place.

    As the lambs are led to the metaphorical slaughterhouse; they will consider their slavery quite normal and necessary; for they must “defend their way of life” and “fight terrorism”; though I gravely doubt that 1 in 1,000,0000 Americans has ever once come fact to face with these “ever present” agents of evil.

    The Bill of Rights was eviscerated over 10 years ago; the “Patriot Act” (lol) took care of that. Soon they will have a record of every time you go to the rest room.

    The economic slavery you endure; that is usury & obscene taxation; has been so normalized that you think nothing of it.

    I have told Americans of their fate in my writings; and also of the tiny window that still remains for them to potentially avoid it; should they see fit to avail themselves of it.

    The choice is theirs.

    One thing they will never say; they were not told.

    • Amen, Pamela. All US Presidents are actors following a script written by the globalist ruling class, and Trump is most likely playing his designated role, as his predecessors did. Perhaps the script calls for Trump to be impeached for his “politically incorrect” ideas, setting yet another dangerous precedent for the future of the US Government.

  4. I voted for Donald J. Trump because I hoped he would do exactly as he is doing. I’ll be voting for him again next year for absolute certain.

  5. Wartime Level Propaganda. AfP had an article claiming 11,000 “scientists” “warn” of “untold suffering” – no proof, no list, no document they signed or voted for, etc., just the assertion.

    I voted for him because he promised to get us out of all the freaking wars! He has not. He endangers our brave men because he “likes oil” ? For a few barrels more? We’re net exporters now!

    • Jimmy think. POTUS has made us net oil exporters. He has not YETpulled us all the way out of the ME, but has begun the process, while decimating some truly bad actors, while slowly, against great resistance, forcing the EU to pay their own way and reconsider their insanity. Oversimplistic viewpoints lead to experience the opposite of ones objective. Trump is doing well.

    • The wars is a touchy issue….Turkey is a member of NATO contractually Trump had to support them or at least not hamper. Do you really want Afghanistan to become a hotbed for the Taliban and ISIS or some similar group again? Why pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan where they provide strategic launching areas to go after Iran if they choose to threaten US oil ships in the Persian Gulf? The President can’t just leave now that we are in the region, we made it a mess by ousting Saddam Hussein and Assad. Those moderate dictators did help keep peace in the world’s most unstable region politically.

      • “.. we made it a mess by ousting Saddam Hussein and Assad. These moderate dictators did help keep peace…”
        Agree. Why does the USA not force “democracy” down Saoedi’s throat too?

  6. The left , the greens , the progressives , the us democratic party are all followers of the same mantra : the precautionary principle . It stifles our lives , our wellbeing , our enterprising nature . Only in slavery you may find a life without risks ……

  7. AGW has always been about control, power and eventually leading to a one world socialist government!
    Leading members of the IPCC have already admitted that replacing the current capitalist model with a socialist model has always been the agenda!

  8. Pamela-Amen!

    Don’t worry, guys, Trump will “win” next time. And by all means, vote. It might be your last chance to do so.

  9. I can’t control what’s happening in the world of politics; I can’t control most of what is happening in the world today. However, I can control my focus. As a matter of fact, I’m responsible for it.

    If you sit around and look at bad all day, you are bound to get stressful. Focusing on what is happening in Washington, the state of California, earthquakes in divers places and so on will wither the strongest of souls. There are a lot of beautiful things in the world, and its takes nothing more than getting up, turning off the computer and walking outside the door to view it.

    Get responsible with your focus and send stress down the road.

  10. I’ve had no trust in the mainstream media for nearly 20 years, and that came about in the beginning in large part due to the incessant mantra from the MSM regarding the “dangers” of global warming. Even without any facts, none of what was being said or written made any logical sense. Once I had gathered the facts for myself, it became plain that it was a hoax. But why and how was this hoax being perpetrated? Another 15 years of research have made the reasons plain. It now appears that all of the lies and obfuscation – the entire plan for the establishment of global tyranny – will be revealed. Unfortunately, it may take another 15 to 20 years to convince a majority of the people that they were purposely deceived. When you present the true believers with facts these days you get blank stares. They simply are unable to process anything that runs counter to their beliefs. It is a mob mentality that can only be changed incrementally.

    • 20 years? Try going back to Walter Cronkite. 60’s-70’s. He’s the one who said the democrat’s made the equal rights act was passed because of the democrats. LBJ voted against this bill when in the senate. It was the right wing that had the votes to pass the legislation.

    • Let a couple more winters worse than 2013- 2014 happen in the US….I remember it getting to -42F with a -70 wind chill where I was living in International Falls, Minnesota. Those people don’t believe in global warming it’s snowed there on the 4th of July (scrubbed out of the record books it is part of town lore though)….These people who live within a few hours of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada have had a front row seat to colder winters happening. In 2013 it was so cold in Winnipeg they had frost quakes. If more of the US experienced this in 2019-20 it might wake a few up.

  11. TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP, Greatest President, Greatest Leader, KING of ALL Leaders. He is the best ever. TRUMP 2020, TRUMP for EVER.

  12. Hey!
    Screw the Washington Post and all these other trash leftist communist media outlets. Do not pay any attention to them!!

    Trump next 4 years and then Trump Junior next 8 years! Vote conservative all the way for Congress for as long as I live!
    Don’t ever vote “D” at any time , anywhere!

  13. “We are the IPCC. Surrender to be assimilated. All resistance is useless. ”

    “We are those of the IPCC. Lower your mental shields and surrender your individuality. We will add their biological, mental and technological characteristics to ours. Your culture will adapt to serve us. The resistance is useless. ”

    “They will become one with those of the IPCC, happiness will be full, they will not have to decide for you, the group will decide the best for everyone. Give up! Resistance is useless. ”

    Seven of Nine

  14. A world with out the goodies is what might just happen if people fail to adapt to cold climate change. Civilization and the benefits of learning are fragile and easily lost through violence and neglect plus a cooler climate that shuts down food production in whole or in part. Nature is quite capable of taking this world back…..

  15. What are the costs of global warming we are already experiencing other than the taxes extracted from us to try to stop nature taking its course? In the UK on average we are paying £340 a year in global warming taxes on our energy supply, mainly electricity.

  16. Personally, I don’t believe in ANY Climate Change.

    The Climate never changes. To say it changes is a total lie.

    The Climate can not, will not and will never “change” and those who believe in a Climate that could change are ignorant.

    There. That should settle this.

    • Climate change naturally and has changed during historical (millennia) and geological (millions years) time. We geologists know that.

  17. I always thought the climate was simply an aggregation of weather data gathered over a specified time frame.

    By this definition climate cannot change weather patterns – it is surely the weather patterns that determine climate change.

    As usual alarmists arguments are backwards.

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