Trying to normalize what is not normal?

Another winter storm warning with up to 2 feet of snow—for Hawaii.

“Possible blizzard conditions will affect Hawaii’s Big Island summits into late this week,” warns The Weather Channel.

Trying to normalize what is not normal?

By H. B. Schmidt

This is the second winter weather warning for the 2017-18 season. This comes after several big snow events during the 2016-17 winter season made the headlines. How many more will be issued before the NH winter is done?

It appears that The Weather Channel is trying to minimize the significance of these events. I’ve noticed over the past few years that their language has morphed from “snow falls every year in Hawaii—but only at the summits” to “heavy snowfall in Hawaii is unusual” to “snowfall is common” as evidenced from the link below. My belief is that people’s memories are short and that TWC is doing everything it can to normalize what’s not normal. The only question to ask is, Why?


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  1. “Why?” That’s a rhetorical question, surely?
    In five years time the media will be all “The Thames has frozen over again, as it always does every winter. This season’s ice skating festival will feature fashion designs by…”

    An alternate future in which the MSM actually tell the honest truth, will be reached only via an interval of MSM executives and certain prominent Warmists hanging by the neck from icy streetlamps.

    • That’s a rhetorical question, surely?

      Yes, of course it’s a rhetorical question. But your sarcasm, I fear, is well deserved. I do not have strong faith in either the media or politicians to tell us the truth, and by extension, the scientists either. Science that is politicized is no longer science, but propaganda.

      I have long felt that it will take a prolonged period of cold, snow, and ice to convince even the most hardcore alarmists that CO2 isn’t the control knob they make it out to be. We will have to wait and see, but the normalization of the abnormal is a clear sign that the underlying consensus is hard at work to cover their failures.

  2. “My belief is that people’s memories are short and that TWC is doing everything it can to normalize what’s not normal. The only question to ask is, Why?”

    Virtually everything that is broadcast on US TV has been produced with it’s political content taking foremost importance. There is no such thing as news, only propaganda. That is why no one is watching TV news anymore. The internet is the only source of real news, the rest is too censored.

    • and thats why google f bk msoft and the rest are acting as thought police and dropping any webpages that dont toe their line and groupthink
      even wiki has and had issues with william connelly deleting what he didnt approve of if wasnt PRO warmist, took ages to get any action but i think hes still lurking there.
      as a non american I can say ive found your media to be agitprop as long as ive been alive and aware (close to 60yrs) everything they accuse Russia of , theyve done or still do. ditto China and elsewhere. the present new version of mc carthyism appalls me

  3. To view a lot of graphs on anything from fires to quakes, volcanoes, snow, ice etc., one is lead to believe that records have not been kept since 1980 or so! If these morons can change or take out of History Books used to instruct and pollute our young and upcoming minds of the future with non facts, or better yet no facts of our historical records dating no further back than post Vietnam War era, in an attempt to justify the need for socialistic behavioral patters, that the youth not being taught any historical or scientific evidence will swallow what many are calling the “blue” pill. I for one hope that the transmission tower microwave units in Atlanta and west coast stations for TWC explode from over exposure from the extreme cold and snow!!!

    I have not watch TWC liars now for over a year and counting. Dirty Rotten Liars they are!!

  4. I happen to live in Mauna Kea and can see the summit from my home . It can snow up there any month of the year especially now with cold fronts coming through . There is nothing abnormal with weather conditions on our summits . Just talk to the snow plow crews who clear the road for the astronomers . There have been years in the past that the snow was over 12′ high !

  5. Cardo , I hung out with a road crew during their lunch break last year . They talked story of some of the worst jobs they had to clear the road . There were some places where the drifts were over 12′ high . I don’t know if there are any official stats on snowfall up there . It would be pretty variable as it is a large area and only the one access road to collect data from . In 2002 there was a very heavy snowfall . I shot photos with my 4×5 camera . If you send me your info , I’ll send you one .

  6. TO: Climate Yogi! PLEASE SEND ROBERT YOUR PHOTOS SO WE CAN ALL SEE! I have noticed some people who say that they “seek the truth” are falling into the same pattern of hype for hype’s sake, as long as it is against the “bad guys”! Truth please; all of it thank you! Only the truth will set you free! Not making up phony bs based on normal occurences, no matter how rare or exciting! If it happened in history; THEN IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE; therefore NOT un-normal! Isn’t that what we are trying to get “THEM” to unnerstand?

  7. Vance , not sure how to post photo here or send to anyone . If you have some advice , please share !

  8. Just Google “Mauna Kea snow plow” and check out the images tab . I did not see the record snowfall photos but there are enough other ones for you to get the picture . It’s more unusual for it not to snow in the winter !

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