Tsunami death toll rises to 222 – And climbing

843 injured at last count

Tsunami from erupting Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatau) kills at least 222 in Indonesia.

The deadly tsunami, apparently caused by an underwater landslide on slopes of the volcanic island, struck in the dark without warning.

The ground did not shake beforehand to alert people to the oncoming wave that ripped buildings from their foundations in seconds and swept terrified concertgoers on a popular resort beach into the sea.

Azki Kurniawan, 16, said his first warning about the tsunami was when people burst into the lobby of the Patra Comfort Hotel shouting, “Sea water rising!”



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7 thoughts on “Tsunami death toll rises to 222 – And climbing”

  1. The current activity at Krakatau is ongoing.
    Warnings have been posted concerning the potential for new tsunamis.

    The devastating 1883 event went 6 months before the final catastrophic explosion

  2. NPR suspects Global Warming role in Tsunami

    In an NPR segment yesterday the reporter interviewed a “tsunami expert”. She began with the “why was there no warning?” angle. After listening to his explanation of the landslide and how its small size and exact location caused the warning network to miss it, she then asked if it was caused by climate change. The expert responded with “not directly, no.” seemingly implying some sort of indirect causation was possible. Then he talked about how “sea level rise” encroaching on the coast will increase the area affected by tsunamis.

    Part of the misinformation tsunami for sure.

  3. They say that it was most likely a landslide that caused the tsunami. That’s why there was no warning. And apparently, the wave wasn’t that high, but it caused such devastation because people live close to the shoreline. Didn’t help that there was a full Moon too. Global warming my ass! What else will they try to blame on ‘climate change’? It’s becoming a joke!

  4. Globalist warming causes the seas to get higher, thus, according to Global Warming Physics, the Seas, getting higher, obviously get heavier…this heavier Sea causes pressure on volcanoes and, according to Globalist Warming Physics, the volcano explodes…..thus, all of this is due to Globalist Warming, duh.

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