Tsunami warning issued as 7.8-magnitude earthquake hits off Alaska

Tsunami warning in effect for the Alaskan peninsula and south Alaska. “The Homer spit is being evacuated.”

A shallow 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit at 6.12am Wednesday, about 500 miles (804km) southwest of Anchorage, the US Geological Survey said.

“Based on the preliminary earthquake parameters … hazardous tsunami waves are possible for coasts located within 186 miles (300km) of the earthquake epicentre,” the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said.

“For other US and Canadian Pacific coasts in North America, the level of tsunami danger is being evaluated.”

One person wrote on Twitter:

The #homer spit is being evacuated. There’s been a massive #earthquake to the south and the tsunami sirens are blaring. Cars are streaming up Skyline, one after the other outside my window. #Alaska

From AFP, news.com.au, July 22, 2020 8:21pm

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6 thoughts on “Tsunami warning issued as 7.8-magnitude earthquake hits off Alaska”

  1. The report says “A shallow 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit…”
    Is a shallow earthquake of this magnitude more likely to produce a tsunami than a deeper earthquake?

  2. Earth/Jupiter/Saturn alignment also Venus/ Mars aligned, a coronal hole, and two small CMEs and whammo ,,,big quake ! 39 aftershocks over 2.5, so far.
    China just had a 6.3mag and there was a 5.5 off Vancouver Island, busy day, eh ?

    The lunatics can’t take the excess energy, boots on the ground in many US cities. Portland Oregon Mayor will attend protests and face off with Fed troops !! It’s on like Donkey Kong !!

  3. oly, beat me to it yes follow on quakes nth am and chinas was big
    theyd be worried if theres anything shaking near 3 gorges areas as well
    already touch n go

    • Relatively nice in Nome, Ak. Just a little chilly on 23rd. Did suspect I felt 7.8 before hearing about it. And yes 36 mi. ‘IS’ shallow for that area. Aftershocks continue and 4-5 mag quakes traveling up the chain as far as Palin’s place.
      Maybe gist for another Ben Folds song? ¶%^) “Kick your ass”

  4. I was surfing that morning in 64 when the tsunami hit Santa Monica, Ca. The wave was attenuated so that the 50 footer was preceded by about a half hour build up. I had broken my board and gone back out body surfing but tired quickly as the waves reached 20ft. Minutes after I left, or less, the 50 footer swept everyone off the beach. 15 minutes later at home and I watched as helicopters rescuing people from the water on TV.
    Merely my first case escaping death in Alaska, before even moving here. And I was only 10.

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