Tucker: The world welcomes its newest country – Video

Armed insurgents in our cities … and it looks like no one is doing a damn thing about it. Extortion thru violence; it’s a time-tested formula.

Say hello to the latest addition to the global family of nations: the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, a stone’s throw from downtown Seattle. Radio show host Jason Rantz weighs in on CHAZ (or is it CHOP? [Capitol Hill Occupied Project]).

Tucker gives a synopsis of our nation’s descent into chaos.

The six block area has been barricaded off (even though the left insists they don’t believe in walls), and Seattle leaders have refused to stand up to the left-wing mobs.

It’s very strange because just a month ago the anti-lockdown demonstrators in Michigan were “dangerous zealots.” With guns!

Here’s the new standard: If you protest lockdowns in Michigan with guns, but don’t commit any violence at all, it’s “a threat to the nation.”

But, if you commit beatings, and loot, and burn down buildings, you are, quote, “mostly peaceful.” If you create an armed, independent nation, in downtown Seattle…

You gotta watch this!

7 thoughts on “Tucker: The world welcomes its newest country – Video”

  1. As a somewhat different perspective, one wag noted that these CHAZ idiots have created more Conservatives in one week than Rush Limbaugh has done in 30 years.

    The more the spotlight that can be shined on this Real World Lord of the Flies, the better off the rest of the country may be.

    On a much more serious note, listening to/watching Yuri Bezmenov’s dire warnings from ~40 years ago should be mandatory for any and every individual attempting to understand this unfolding insanity.
    The WHO (circa 60s to 80s), the WHY. and even the HOW of this spectaculary effective subversion are all laid bare from even a 15 minute look into what this KGB defector alerted us as to was coming our way.
    And. Here. It. Is.

  2. They refuse to stand up to left wing mobs because the world of government as we know it, the MSM, financial institutions, academia and globalist oligarchs are a left wing mob and worse!

  3. respect to Carlson for being about the ONLY one with the guts to call it out
    I read theyre trying to remove him for doing so.
    faux news used to be really bad now it seems its pretty much the only non democrat controlled source

  4. In 1933 Hitler appointed Hermann Goring Minister of the Interior.
    His first order was to defound & eliminate police department so that they will not interfere with his Brown Shirts whose mission was to riot, burn and beat up & kill citizens in an effort to sway the elections.

    • I never thought that I would see police be hated as much as they are hated in our country right now.

      But the truth is that we need the police more than ever, because a lot more rioting, looting and violence is coming to our cities.

      The thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted every day is rapidly disintegrating, and all that stands between us and complete anarchy is a very narrow blue line.

      Yes, we want to see protections against abuse implemented, but an America without police is not an America that any of us would want to live in.

  5. Just as Nancy Pelosi and Greta Thunberg are agitators of liberals, Tucker Carlson is an agitator of conservatives. Black people are also being agitated as well.

    All of these agitators are being controlled by the same people, with an end to fomenting civil war in America. Once the food shortages begin, the whole process will rachet up out of control.

    At some point the President will order the military into the mix. There are no good guys in this manipulation/destruction of the American people. Democrats and Republicans alike at the highest levels are puppets of the global elite.

    If you think any of these people are on your side, you are incredibly naive.

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