Tucson – 3rd coldest Halloween low temperature on record

Also, 1st freeze to occur in October since 1971. Also, 7th earliest first freeze of the season.

But guess what NOAA highlighted in bold print and red letters on their website:
38th warmest & 28th driest on record

Farther down on their website you get a more balanced story:

With the low temperature hitting 32° at the airport on the 31st, it marked the 7th earliest first freeze date of the season on record, tied with 1900 and 1922, and 1st one to occur in October since 1971. The record earliest first freeze date is October 16 from 1900. The normal low temperature for Halloween is 52°.

Is there an agenda here? You decide.


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4 thoughts on “Tucson – 3rd coldest Halloween low temperature on record”

  1. I no longer trust the official thermometers—they seem to measure warmer than the actual temperatures.

    An example, the official temperature reached 32° F. But there was ice accumulation on water set out as a bird bath in a back yard in Tucson. In order for ice accumulation, temperatures need to be 28° or colder. So how cold did it get in Tucson? Definitely colder than the official 32°. And for two nights in a row.

  2. You can easily check precision of thermometer. Put cold water and ice to glass. Such mix has always 0C / 32F exactly.

  3. A farmer friend of mine had late cotton in one field ( late planting and had to replant some), 3 weeks behind most cotton around here. It was looking real good until Oct 31. He has lost the entire 80 acre field to freezing temps. Sad. Most cotton, the bowls have already opened and are fine with a freeze. Just nothing more will open, and the insides turn to mush.

    That field is 4 miles from me. My mercury thermometer that records highs and lows, shows 28 F as a low. Just NW of Tucson 2000 ft elevation. The airport is far SE Tucson, 40 miles from here.

    • That’s pretty interesting. I’m in Green Valley – which for those of you unfamiliar with the area is a bit higher elevation, something like 3600 feet. But it was not quite that cold here, even with higher elevation… the lowest night we had was a few days before when it was down to about 35.

      I do garden, currently only in large containers. I would not have tried cotton this time of year (not that I’m a farmer, but I moved recently from VA and they only plant cotton in summer – all harvested by early fall). I’m fairly new here (just moved to AZ in August), so I don’t really know yet what is normal for this area … but I am going by a planting schedule I got from the library.

      Right now I have only “cold weather” crops in and they are thriving… that includes carrots, chard, beets, turnips, broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbage, lettuce, bok choy, 2 types of peas, fennel, and a lot of herbs. The list says it’s too late for basil but I put one plant in and it’s still OK, tho time to cut it down and make pesto for the freezer!

      I’m also experimenting with planting artichokes directly now (they seem to be doing very nicely ;tho the list says wait until January and start indoors… I’ll try both ways.

      Overall, whatever is going on now here I’d say is great for my garden… it’s performing like it’s Plant Paradise or something!

      PS thanks for posting this article and the link Robert!

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