Turkey – More than 3 feet of snow in 12 hours

Turkey – More than 3 feet of snow in 12 hours

Roads block – 45 villages cut off

“Mighty snowstorm in Turkey drops 1 meter of snow in 12 hours blocking roads and closing schools in Artvin,” says this report.

“The snowstorm currently hitting the region of Artvin in Turkey is going biblical. More than 1 meter of dry powder since last night and the snow is still falling.”

“45 villages are cut from the world – 10 in the province center, 15 in the Kurdish province, 5 in the province of Şiran and 15 in the province of Torul – after roads are overloaded with snow.”

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Thanks to Stephen Bird and Don Brown for this link

Note: When I tried to verify this, I found an article (below) saying that snow depth reached one meter (39 inches) at the Atabari Ski Center, but measured 20 cm (8 inches) in the province center. The article confirms that 45 villages have been cut off.


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  1. I remember in 2013 I lived in Connecticut at the time, we got hammered with a similar storm we at times were getting snow at rates of 5 or 6 inches an hour. In about 15 hours or so we had 40 inches of snow in my town it was paralyzing it took 3 or 4 days to get back to completely normal.

  2. those cattle dont appear to have winter coats grown either…bad for them in that cold..this appears to be a rather sudden event without normal time to get coats grown in.

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