Turkey – 30 citizens rescued after being trapped by surprise snowfall

25 Sep 2016 – Ardahan in Damal – 30 citizens returned to their villages after being trapped by surprise snowfall.

The above photo appeared with the article.

I’m at a loss to properly translate the story, it appears that global warming has not yet descended on Turkey.

Here’s the Google translation:

Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate (AFAD) team responsible Euphrates Ors, AA correspondent, said he wanted help from the Special Provincial Administration and AFAD teams snowfall in the village springs yesterday was Arapy depending on the county due to the stranded citizens with tools for opening the way to closing.

AFAD and the Special Provincial Administration teams that transfers opened the back access road closed to the public intervention Ors, “developed here shortage suddenly, so was caught unprepared citizens snow victims. Therefore, the way they want to help by ilerlemeyin. Because the return could not do it. We helped 30 citizens, 9, drive they returned to the village in a healthy way. ” said.

Anvil of snow in the area due to the high position, he said reaching up to 13 centimeters.


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3 thoughts on “Turkey – 30 citizens rescued after being trapped by surprise snowfall”

  1. funny how they reckon AI is going to rule us
    but they still cant get translate to actually translate all that well?
    pictures still tell a story pretty well;-)
    its cold and snowy and EARLY

  2. Snow coming earlier above 5000 ft. yet were still supposed to believe Greenland, mostly 6-10 k ft. much further north, is rapidly melting. If Vikings were grazing livestock there just a thousand years ago, then it would seem there would have been a lot less ice there than there is now, must have been that way elsewhere also, yet we are told if the ice caps melt it will rapidly flood the globe.Wouldn’t Greenland have been flooded also? One would tend to think colder the last 1500 yrs. not warmer. It would be interesting to know how much depth would come off the oceans in ice age conditions during a human lifetime. Probably not much, but one heck of a lot of snow.

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