Turkey – 458 village roads closed due to snow

16 Feb 2017 – After two days of snowfall, 458 village roads were closed in Kastamonu, especially in high altitude districts.

Eight roads were closed in Abana, 13 in Ağlı, 46 in Azdavay, 31 in Bozkurt, 39 in Cide, 35 in Çatalzeytin, 45 in Daday, 48 in Devrenkan, 14, 19 in Hanönü, 4 in İhsangazi, 33 in İnebolu, 31 in Küre, 26 in Pınarbaşı, 15 in Seydiler, 15 in Şenpazar, 15 in Taşköprü and 8 in Tosya.

Teams are continuing their efforts to open closed village roads.


TRABZON – Snowfall, which started last night and was active throughout the day and continued without interruption and increased its severity after 18:00, caused the cancellation of flights
to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana and Antalya


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  1. The question that comes to mind is whether or not this is unusual for the region? Does it’s occurrence match up with solar minimums for exmple or does it happen every winter?

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