Turkey – Flooded minaret now surrounded by snow

Very interesting photos of heavy snowfall in the Turkish town of Agri.

2 Jan 2017 – Images on social network sites show thick snow covering streets and homes in the Turkish city of Agri, and the minaret of the mosque surrounded by snow.

The village, the Turkish mosque, and most of its homes were flooded under the water created by the “Aasega” dam, and the minaret has become an important landmark of the city.

In summer, the minaret rises out of the middle of the lake. However, in winter when the lake is frozen, the tall minaret is surrounded by the whiteness of snow.
In summer it looks like this:

But now like this:





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  1. India, January 4, 2017: Mughal road closed for third straight day after heavy snowfall. The historic Mughal road connecting south Kashmir with Poonch in Pir Panjal area of Jammu remained closed on the third consecutive day today due to heavy snowfall.
    “There is heavy accumulation of snow on the road and it remains closed today as well,” said Executive Engineer Mughal Road project Maqbool Hussain.
    He added that a vehicle stuck in snow was rescued yesterday while continuous snowfall has hampered the road clearance work.

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