Turkey – Greenhouses collapse due to snowfall

13,000 acres of strawberry production greatly damaged.
“This must be the greenhouse effect,” says reader.

Explaining that the greenhouses had collapsed due to snowfall, İnegöl Chamber of Agriculture President Sezai Çelik said that ​​13 thousand acres of strawberry production was damaged to a great extent.

Strawberries – the fruit called “red gold” – are one of the most important agricultural products of İnegöl, a city in the Bursa Province in Turkey.

Sezai Çelik said: “The great majority of the subalterns were damaged and it was not expected to be such a snowfall on April 23.”

Farmers worry that after the snowfall may come freezing, which will cause even greater damage. With 190 thousand acres of fruit in the field, we do not want to even think about it, said Celik.

Ali Soldildi, a strawberry farmer, said “there is a serious damage to the products because of the untimely falling snow on April 23.”


Video of collapsed greenhouses:

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“This must be the greenhouse effect,” says Argiris. “Heavy snowfall causes the collapse of the greenhouses.”

8 thoughts on “Turkey – Greenhouses collapse due to snowfall”

  1. might be wise to look into corflute greenhouse covering instead?
    though i dunno if even that has tensile strength to cope with big snow dumps either.
    its nifty stuff;-)

  2. If they had small “Coal Fires” throughout the growing area, not only could they raise the local temperature, but they would get the “Greenhouse” effect from all the “life saving” carbon emitted, and over time, they wouldn’t even have to cover the strawberries!!

  3. The greenhouse effect and it’s globull warming BS has collapsed. Of course if you are getting rich off the taxpayer then you won’t speak the truth.

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