Turkey – Snow thickness reaches 2 meters bring life to a standstill

Schools closed for another day.
10 Jan 2019 – ŞIRNAK – Snowfall in the Beytüşşebap district of Şırnak has been continuing for days, bringing life to a standstill.

In the district the snow reached 2 meters in high areas, and avalanches fell on 3 villages; Mezra, Gökçe and Başaran in the Beytüşşebap district.

Snow thickness in the high hills of the rural village of Basaran reached approximately 2 meters, and came to the village as avalanches. Luckily there were no people who died or were injured due to falling avalanches in the areas where there was no one.

Dicle Electrical teams are trying to repair the broken electrical wires in the district where the temperature drops to minus 17 degrees.


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