Turkish village buried under 20-feet of snow – Video

21 Feb 2020 – Massive blizzard buries Turkish village under 10-20 feet (3 -6.1 meters) of snow. More than 70 villages isolated.

Leaves residents without power and water and scrambling to remove the snow from their roofs.

How tall are you? Now imagine someone standing on your shoulders. Now imagine another person standing on their shoulders. And realize that all three of you would now be totally buried. How could any wild animal survive such an onslaught?


Thanks to H.B. Schmidt for this link

3 thoughts on “Turkish village buried under 20-feet of snow – Video”

  1. Hi,

    Get a G’lick Deluxe roof rake, a roof razor or a roof cutter; and a seven foot wooden step ladder to rake the snow off or break it loose. It’s much safer than roofer ‘life in Turkey’ or a ‘Life Below Zero’ roof climber with a big coal shovel and a rope on their waist.

    Don’t forget to use blue thread locker on all the bolts and hex nuts. It’s a must do or you loose them raking snow.


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