TV – George Noory interviews Robert Felix about the coming ice age

TV interview – “Not by Fire but by Ice”

Beyond Belief w George Noory

Robert Felix w George Noory - CroppedEvery 11,500 years the Earth undergoes a dramatic change: weather patterns become erratic, global temperatures cool, sea levels drop, and magnetic poles reverse as an ice age is born. While the cause of climate change continues to be a hot-button topic, few would deny the increasing prevalence of strange weather across the planet.

Robert Felix explains that our changing climate is just the precursor to the dawning of a new ice age in this interview with host George Noory.


Note: “Beyond Belief with George Noory” is a subscription service. However, you can watch the preview absolutely free.

George Noory is perhaps best known as the host of the nationally syndicated radio program Coast to Coast AM, where he is heard by millions of listeners on more than 560 stations in the United States,Canada, Guam and Mexico.

Originally webcast October 29, 2014

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18 thoughts on “TV – George Noory interviews Robert Felix about the coming ice age”

  1. A publicity coup for Robert Felix. Well done !
    It certainly makes the topic a talking-point.
    WHERE is the “global warming” ??

    It is MILD in the UK at the moment, SIMPLY because the wind is from the SOUTH. When the wind switches to the NORTH , UK temps will drop 10 degrees Celsius overnight.
    If a High Pressure builds over Scandinavia in December……the WHOLE OF EUROPE WILL HAVE A SEVERE WINTER AS THE WIND BLOWS FROM SIBERIA !!

    We have ALWAYS had changing weather patterns. Over time, it averages out.
    We had a VERY WET UNSETTLED January to March in the UK in 2014.

    What followed?? A SUPERB SETTLED MAY, JUNE, JULY AND SEPTEMBER …with High Pressure and sunshine over the UK.

    What next?? Why……more rain and wind before long……..but if a High builds over Sweden around Christmas …….LOOK OUT UK AND EUROPE !!

    We will have snow and ice…….AND WIND TURBINES WILL BE — USELESS !!
    They generate ZILCH in light easterly winds !
    We could have massive power cuts in the UK !

    • In France we had a warm spell in March, followed by wet and cold April, May, June, July. It’s been warm and dry since early August but no heatwaves. In July the TV was full of stories of people heading outside France and pictures of empty beaches and soggy tourists in Paris.

    • Whisky – Don’t be fooled by the warm weather. Going into an Ice Age isn’t a one-way climate shift… There will still be times when it warms up. One has to look at the overall picture to see the cooling. But eventually when the Earth cools down enough, even these brief warm-ups will be non-existent.

      • I think you will find that during a major glaciation there are sub cycles
        that involve warming and cooling and the temperature trend tends towards lower and lower temperatures until the inter glacial kicks in after roughly 105,000 years in the deep freeze.
        That 105,000 years is going to seem like forever.

    • What he posted is correct. But, this is only due to an extended period of southerly winds bringing up tropical weather from the Azores. This was due to a very large stationary Low pressure system parked off Ireland together with a blocking high over Western Europe. This weather pattern has become more frequent as the SC24 has proceeded into the Solar Minimum. This will allow the North Sea to cool down quicker, as the warm water from the Gulf Stream will be pushed much further north into the Iceland gap. Snow in the UK at around 500ft and less before Christmas doesn’t amount to much as the surrounding seas are to warm, After Christmas – different story.

  2. Love reading and hearing what you have to say. I hate the pay wall. Thanks for your interviews that are available on Youtube. Thank you too for this excellent website.

  3. I just saw this was on Gaiam. Talk about coincidence: I was going to sign up for the trial anyway because i wanted to stream The Firm videos and some yoga. Definitely worth it

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