Twelfth frost of the summer in São Joaquim (South Brazil)

Leaves fields almost totally white

According to Climaterra this is already the 12th frost of 2018 and the 17th frost of the 2017/2018 summer when five frosts were recorded during December 2017, two frosts in January 2018, eight frosts in February 2018 and already two frosts in March 2018.

The lower temperatures according to Climaterra:

1.1 S.Joaquim / F.Keiser (minor of summer 2018 in SC)
1,7°C Good Garden / F.Keiser
3.7 Urubici / Joel Faria
3.7 Cruise / Climaterra (On the grass -2.9°C)
4.0 Urupema / Epagri
4.2 Panel / G.Hugen
6.7 Lages / Epagri

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

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