Two climbers freeze to death on Matterhorn

Didn’t someone say all snow would be melted of the peak of the Alps by now?

7 Aug 2016 – The two climbers who called from a cell phone requesting a helicopter rescue have been found buried under a snowdrift on the 4,478-meter mountain after a massive storm trapped them on a perilous, narrow snowfield in the dead of night.

When the helicopter was finally able to land at the location, its hovering rotors exposed a backpack poking through the snow.

“We dug there and found them lying one on top of the other, probably trying to stay warm,” said Rescue Marshall Massimiliano Giovannini. “Sadly they were not well enough equipped for the winter conditions.”

Both had crampons, but neither man had winter gear and they were wearing only light pants and windbreakers.

Italian authorities said the two men, both age 67, were close friends and resided in France.

Thanks to “Marcus Aurelius” for this link

“How is this possible in the peak of summer?” asks Marcus. “All snow would be melted of the peak of the Alps, someone said.”

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  1. of course we know who those idiots were! Ever heard of Al Gore and Dave “Whiner?” Or even TWC? Sound familiar yet? But whenever we have record cold or record snowfall anywhere in the hemisphere, you never hear about it in the MSM. All those retards talk about is the hot weather in summer!
    There isn’t a single channel worth watching today on any of those cable providers about anything relevant. Their ignorance and stupidity will get millions killed one day. Kill your television!

  2. No matter how hot it gets to be at lower altitudes, such heat is only a temperature inversion layer that is generated by the sun light getting through to the ground. Above the temperature inversion layer the temperatures are always about minus 50*C or even colder. Which is why in the middle of summer, with blisteringly hot weather down in the valley, nevertheless the mountain climbers in the higher altitude above the temperature inversion layer were frozen to death. Hypothermia is deadly. Decades ago now even though it was summer at the time nevertheless my brother in law died of hypothermia whilst sleeping out in a park one night. Also a couple of years ago I lost a female pen friend in Illinois USA who died of hypothermia brought on by waiting at a bus stop for a bus that never arrived. It was a severe mid winter cold snap. She decided to return home because of feeling ill. She sent me a e.mail about feeling ill. I told her it is not influenza, but rather hypothermia, and told her to go to bed to keep warm. She did so, but died that night.

  3. sad for the friends n rellies..
    they were both old enough, seem to have climbed enough prior ..
    and still went to that height, on a mountain famous for fast changes in weather with bugger all warm gear? and didnt call for help until very late at night?
    Darwin award winners frankly.

  4. and more snow also expected at Mt Rainier:

    Snow showers likely. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 17. West wind around 17 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of around an inch possible.
    Monday (Aug 8th)
    Snow showers. Some thunder is also possible. Steady temperature around 22. West northwest wind 8 to 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.
    Monday Night
    Snow showers likely, mainly before 11pm. Some thunder is also possible. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 19. North northwest wind 9 to 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%. New snow accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible.

  5. “Sadly they were not well enough equipped for the winter conditions.” Except it isn’t winter. It’s high summer. Still, they should have taken heavier clothing. Remember the boy scout motto: Be prepared.

  6. Bad weather is common place in the Alps so people often carry a down jacket or sleeping bag. Modern jackets weight only a little more than the mobile phone that proved so useless to them.
    I find it strange that anyone would attempt serious mountaineering so ill equiped.

    • Yes, it is strange. Even in summer it can get pretty cold high up in the Alps. But you get a lot of inexperienced and stupid people who don’t prepare properly.

      Yes, it can still get pretty cold high up in the Alps even in summer. These two climbers were probably very inexperienced, and a bit stupid.

  7. They were misinformed. Things are not getting warmer and high altitudes are just as treacherous now as ever.

    Lightweight, cold weather gear that can be layered for optimal insulation is a nuisance to take in the mountains in the summer. Nine times out of ten you won’t need it, but it can save your life when you do.

  8. That is incredible, the Matterhorn elevation virtually mirrors Mt. Whitney here in California.

    Matterhorn 14,692 ft
    Mt. Whitney14,505 ft

    Dying on Whitney except by a fall is extremely rare !

    People go out and try things that they know nothing about, and then they die because of it ?

    In August they would be safer at the North Pole…

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