Two more days of record cold in Russia

12 August 2019 – Record cold in several areas.

A new record low temperature of 1.8 degrees was recorded in the Arkhangelsk region yesterday morning (August 11).

The night of August 12 became even colder, dropping to 0 degrees, another new record in Arkhangelsk! The previous minimum for this day of +0.2 degrees lasted 51 years, set in 1968. 

The night of August 11 was also record cold in Kem-Port, where the air cooled to 2.8 degrees. The previous minimum for this settlement on the White Sea was 3.1 degrees set in 1987.

And a new minimum for the day of August 11 of 3.1 degrees took place in the capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, versus 3.5 degrees, held for 44 years since August 11, 1975.

New extreme low temperatures are expected to appear today after updating the data and, possibly, in the coming days.

The abnormally low average daily temperatures in the north of the ETR is 4-6 degrees lower than normal) have continued for several days.

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5 thoughts on “Two more days of record cold in Russia”

  1. Pssssst: Wanna know a secret? What the author doesn’t tell you is almost nobody lives up there except maybe convicts! (If this is where I think it is)

  2. The towns where there are some people have it pretty bad as the central heating isn’t fired up and won’t be till mid or late September. Right now it’s being maintenance as usual during summer (Off season).

    That means their houses are REALLY cold in the mornings unless it’s modernized with weather proofing.

    Our heater (Heat Pump) sort of broke in our newer trailer back in April (5 years old which should last 8) and we had a brief cold wave where it dropped to 29F outside but stayed above 65F by daylight and quickly warmed in the day and got stuffy.

    Turns out something about not enough coolants so it wasn’t a major break after all and saved us several thousand dollars.

  3. I meant to say it stayed at 65F or higher inside while it was 29F outside. Pretty good for not having any heat at all. We kept the windows covered with our curtains and blocked outside air as much as possible and the house held thru most of the night.

    Didn’t really feel chilly to 3am despite it being below 40F by 11pm outside.

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