Two Russian icebreakers trapped in “heavy severe ice” until May or June

The Siberian Times calls it a “blow to Northern Sea Route.” 

24 Jan 2017 – The vessels Kapitan Dranitsyn and Admiral Makarov are ‘marooned’ for the rest of the winter after getting trapped off Chukotka.

The icebreakers and the two bulk carriers they were escorting became stuck about 24 miles from Pevek, Russia’s northernmost port, earlier this month.

Thick compressed ice and ‘severe’ conditions prevented the icebreakers and supply ships from moving across the East Siberian Sea on their way to Arkhangelsk.

A spokesman for Rosmorport has announced the icebreakers will delay a return until probably May or early June. ‘The vessels will remain for the winter because of the very heavy severe ice conditions,’ he said.

Ruslan Nazarov, chief of Chukotka’s emergencies service, said at the time the ships became stuck: ‘The ice fields are more than (1 meter (3 ft)) thick. The ice compression is strong and hummocks are higher than 2.5 meters (8 ft).’

So much for global warming.

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17 thoughts on “Two Russian icebreakers trapped in “heavy severe ice” until May or June”

  1. i thought theyd got their escorted ships through n got stuck on the return trip
    looks like reports vary a bit
    as good as they are i reckon staying put that long would be worrying them a bit, they can airdrop supplies but compression on the hulls yeeow.

  2. I wonder if the crew gets overtime. Seriously, do they have enough fuel to keep those ships habitable over 5-6 months even with a skeleton crew? It’s gonna get mighty cold.

    • I believe these were nuclear powered icebreakers. What I don’t understand is the post that was talking abut 13 foot thick ice on the Danube being broken up by a diesel, river sized icebreaker and these getting hung in 3 feet of ice. I’m beginning to think that the Danube must have had 13 inches of ice, not feet.

      The ships they were escorting are stuck with them. All 4 ships will have to wait until the temperature rises, the current shifts, the winds change, whatever it will be that will weaken the ice enough to let the ice breakers move. If you can’t get that weight moving at all, all the power In the universe won’t get you free.

    • There’s no reason the Russian would not simply set up a rotating care takers watch and send the larger portion of the crew home. They can helicopter rotations to and from the ships. Russia takes ice breaking seriously, so the trapped ice breakers are probably quite a surprise.

  3. Not a good sign what you see Hummocks as it an indicator the ice is not static but moving, the shilp can be force up out of the ice and left high and dry on its side or even crushed in the ice.

    • If those are nuclear powered ice breakers, then having them forced up high and dry out of the ice would be a very bad situation. They could each become a miniature Fukushima.

  4. So much for reduced surface area, as expected the ice has formed, and then been “humped” into much thicker sections than in previous years by the gale force Jet Stream winds which blown around the blocking Scandinavian high and into Russia.
    2.5 M thick ice bodes well for next season’s increases in perennial ice cover.

  5. what ever happened to the ice free arctic they were SCREAMING about a few years ago?? And that kids would NEVER see snow again?? I guess those liars are hard to locate now?????

    • THere was an article on the BBC website a few weeks ago stating that another climate expert had said that the temperature in the Arctic had gone up to 1 degree for the first time ever. These people are shameless in their lies.

      • They pick one small section that got warmer and say look it’s heating up we should all worry. Like the bit on Antarctica that juts way out into the Ocean, like a long thin peninsula. It is subject to rapid melting scenarios due to it’s position out into the warmer ocean currents. Yet this is the poster child of global warming, while the interior ice grows like a mushroom.

    • If they were the narrative from Gore et. al. would have been that the ship got blown into an ice field by a global warming induced storm. They are master of spin these people, anything to keep the polemic going.

  6. There was an article by the BBC on 24th December about a heatwave hitting the arctic….. I looked up the current weather conditions at the time on Environment Canada’s website for their most northerly outposts and conditions were normal with no imminent heatwave forecast…. As a Brit in Canada it’s sad to see how untrustworthy the BBC has become, it has to be noted that the BBC is government funded.

  7. Maybe it’s a polar “Polar Vortex”? Like it’s so warm that not just the lower latitudes are getting cold from the warming but instead, it is so warm that entire North Pole is much colder than usual. It’s pretty easy to see how freezing will be one of the most obvious ways to realize the warming is here and threatening our very way of life. In any event stop arguing and accept that it’s getting hotter so don’t deny it and for heaven’s sake bundle up!

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