Typical January weather in Sweden – Except it is November

Winter heavily attacks Scandinavia.  In Sweden, the largest November snowstorms in 40 years.

In Sweden we have typical January weather (except it is November), especially in the central part of the country. A first-degree warning was issued for: Värmland, Dalarna (except Dalafjällen), Gävleborg except for coastal areas and Jämtland. It began snowing on Sunday, and an additional 20 cm of snow can fall during the day.

According to the services, this may be the earliest such a strong winter attack has hit Sweden before mid-November in 40 years. After a wave of snowstorms, the mercury in the northern and central parts of the country will fall to -20 degrees by mid-week.

In both Eastern Norway and central Sweden, it was snowing heavily on Monday, causing paralysis on the roads in Norway as well as disruption to operations at Oslo Gardermoen Airport. On Monday, about half of the departures were delayed.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute issued weather warnings on Sunday for the Agder, Telemark, Vestfold, Østfold, Oslo, Akershus and Buskerud counties.

On Monday came a very big snow in Oslo.  “There are currently many delays in the provision of (city) bus services,” said Rut bus spokesman Knut-Martin Løken to NRK. The Norwegian Public Road Administration also asked for patience, noting that all available equipment went out on the streets.


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5 thoughts on “Typical January weather in Sweden – Except it is November”

  1. “In Sweden we have typical January weather (except it is November)”
    It is one thing for Sweden to have that, given how far north it is, but look at the Arctic blast that is hitting eastern North America. Cold and snow records SHATTERED.
    It seems the areas that had the biggest ice sheets during the glacial period get the most cold, and furthest south, now.
    Definitely some correlation there.

  2. Get out and shovel your driveway, Greta!!
    Hope Sweden experiences severe cold and snow to drive it home that its NOT us but the sun, and yes, still no sunspots, so more cold weather!!!

  3. Yup, Greta harangues us oldies, who have seen harsh winters before, even in normally mild ,coastal West Wales, washed by the Gulf Stream !!

    Now Mother Nature has entered the debate in Scandinavia and is teaching Greta some meteorology and geography !!

    By the way……if a High Pressure ,ie mass of heavy cold air……..builds over southern Sweden and STAYS THE WINTER…….look out all over Europe!!

    The wind blows clockwise around a High in the Northern Hemisphere……so it will feed CONTINUAL EAST WINDS FROM SIBERIA !!
    That negates the Gulf Stream and ensures the UK has a SEVERE WINTER…..with SEVERAL FEET OF SNOW….simply because the Lows will still cross the Atlantic ……west to east……so their normal rain will turn to HEAVY SNOW over the UK !!
    Let’s hope it does not happen, but the news from Sweden could point that way!

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