U.K. faces three-week Arctic cold spell

Temperatures down to -7C threaten parts of England and Scotland.
‘Snow could fall on the north Pennines into Monday, as well as on Wales and Scotland’s hills and mountains. Low levels could see flurries in northern Scotland.

Could be colder than usual from November 26 to December 10.


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  1. It’s the Express, but cold frosty weather during the solar minimum period on the decline to the end of the cycle and the first 2 years of the new cycle happens as regular as clock work every 10 to 12 years.
    The harsh winters 62-63 and recently 2009-10 started in the same way. With a large blocking high pressure system forcing the warm South Westerlies, northwards around the British Isles and into the Norwegian Sea, Allowing a cold easterly to develop in Northern France in to the Western Approaches.
    The other point is that the NAO has already developed, it just needs to appear in place at the right time in January, then three months of cold, that just mess up the everlasting warming stats, the UK Met keeps issuing as Carbon Credit taxation propaganda regarding ever increasing records, all within the margin of human error.

  2. It was deepest winter. The blacksmith was working in his forge. He heard knocks at the door. He opened the door just enough to see out & shivered as he felt the howling wind driving icy particles of snow into his face. He could see nothing, so he wedged the door shut against the cold outside & returned to his work.

    Then came more knocks on the door. again he opened the door a little wider this time, but could see no one. He closed the door & walked smartly back to the warmth of the burning charcoal, rubbing his cold hands together, for it was terribly cold outside. Again there were knocks. The blacksmith ran to the door, wrenched it wide open & shouted “Who’s there”? “It’s me”, came a tiny voice at his feet. The blacksmith looked down & there standing almost covered in snow, was a brass monkey looking up at him, with its hand held palm up holding two small brass balls. “ere mister, do you do welding”?

    For brazing was comparatively unheard of in those days.

  3. These stories are rarely revisited to see if they were actually accurate. 19 out of 20 medium term predictions in UK newspapers are flat wrong.

    Sure we will get a little snow. Three weeks in the freezer? Let us wait and see…..

  4. I had lunch with an old friend this week. We had a brief discussion about climate matters – he is a dedicated Guardian-reading warmist. He is convinced that the Arctic death-spiral continues, and that there is virtually no ice there. He is taking an arctic cruise next year, he didn’t take kindly to my warning about getting ice-locked. I pointed out that the current ice cover is within 2 SD of average, which he dismissed as irrelevant given how little ice there was. You can’t help some people!

    • Most large rivers in England has major power stations on them to use the river water as source of cooling water, once though the system the excess water is returned to the river several degrees warmer than it went in. Or in London’s case the late 1800s sewerage works under the Embankment have narrowed and deepened the river to prevent Ice forming in London. The river did ice over north of Didcot during the 63 winter.
      Example the Trent during 1600 – 1800s used to be one of the largest English Salmon Rivers, so much so that Stafford Apprentices became fed up of eating Salmon from the Sow a tributary of the Trent, the same river of Izaak Walton fame – the Complete Angler. The Trent has had several coal power stations on it, warming it several degrees over air temperature. These are being phased out due to Labours Climate change act and the dash for gas.
      From the 1850s onwards the Industrialisation of Staffordshire put paid to a river able to support Salmon mainly though pollution from Government owned sewerage plants. The river is now returning to a level where Salmon could survive and now spawn in the Sow or the Penk.

  5. Well at least it is not from the Daily Express, but…there is a lot of model watching going on and the outputs change daily or even more frequently. One has gone from freeze to 15C in consecutive runs so any forecast for that far ahead and for that duration could be wrong.

  6. I see the newspapers are up to their old tricks again. I highly doubt if the UK will get a three week long could spell with frost and snow over most or all the country, more like
    day or two of cold then milder then colder again. Other words zonal.

  7. Yeah, you really have to take these predictions in the Mail and the Express with a pinch of salt. The one I cherish the most predicted record breaking 3 week heatwave only to be followed by the coldest August in 20years.

  8. Any Stories from the Mail and Express should be ignored as they are Tax dodging liars especially the lying Nathan Rao the man is a total Clown, giving prominence to these rags detracts from this informative site and undoes all your good work. No one in the UK takes these rags seriously.

  9. The outlook for the next week for the UK is mild. I think the Daily Mail uses the forecasts from a certain well known forecaster and that is the worlds worst forecaster.

  10. The purpose behind these silly warnings of the coldest winter in 100 years is to shift stock in the shops. We go out and buy hats, scarves and gloves we probably won’t need. Then we invest in ice scrapers, snow shovels, emergency supplies for the car. We may even invest in leisure products eg skiing gear, toboggans, ice skates.
    Worse, the fear of getting snowed in ensures we buy far too much food, emptying the Tesco’s shelves. Much will not be eaten because it will go off before we have had chance to eat it.
    All in all us silly Brits are pretending we live in Sweden or Canada when in reality we live in a land where most winters it never snows.

  11. I would not insult my butt by using the Express/Mail etc in the John, let alone for a credible weather prediction. Robert, please don’t bring this very valuable website into disrepute by giving them any kind of validity.

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