U.K. Winter Wheat – Worst Fungus Symptoms Ever Recorded

“Winter wheat in the U.K., which had its wettest summer in a century this year, showed the worst-ever symptoms in the current season of fungal diseases fusarium ear blight and septoria tritici, says this article on Bloomberg News.

According to CropMonitor, which is run by government and industry groups, “ear blight symptoms were recorded at the highest-ever levels since the survey began. Septoria tritici, which also can cut yields, was the most common foliar disease, with 97 percent of crops affected.”

The U.K. is the third-largest wheat producer in the 27- nation European Union.

Perhaps my fears about fighting in the streets for food long before we’re covered by ice are well-founded

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-11-20/u-k-winter-wheat-shows-worst-fungus-symptoms-ever -recorded-1-.html


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  1. A friend in Herefordshire, England, has been keeping me updated.. she lives in a farming area where a lot of potatoes are grown. The fields have been more akin to swamps and paddy fields all summer and roads throughout the area have been perpeually mudded, lesding to scores of serious accidents.

    This report tells the big story:


    “The amount of potatoes in storage is minimal and in some areas the harvest is only 30% complete with fields waterlogged, frost and snow is forecast for the end of the week, this is a potentially disastrous situation.”

    Colin says they are already importing heavily from Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland to fill contracts. “We can import enough volume at the moment but I expect that later on we will have to look further afield. Big potatoes are hard to find, sizes in the European crop were small…The British crop is short and quality is poor and prices are increasing on the continent every few days. At the moment the price increase is not being passed on to the consumer, the packers are taking the hit.”


  2. I remember reading about the blight during the Little Ice Age; it caused hallucinations. I wonder if they will see “Leprechauns”, or “Elves, Fauns and Fairies”?

    At any rate, our food supply is dwindling, and we are only at the beginning of another Little Ice Age.
    Meanwhile, our “Leaders” waste billions fighting a natural event (Global Warming Hoax), but have no plans for the impending cooling. The Russians are listening to Dr. Abdussamatov, for they have been expanding their oil, coal, and gas supplies in preparation for the cooling. Watch the Russian wheat crop for failures as the cooling takes hold, for the USA and Canada will be next.

    Absolutely correct, Robert, there will be “Fighting in the streets” soon enough! I fear the thought that I may become part of the mob.

    • Mass agriculture/monoculture will drop off and small scale growing will take its place, where micro-climate management is possible- where people live; and where they can use walls, hills, variety, and companion planting to produce, despite a downward temperature trend. Eventually, it will get too cold in some places for growing, so hopefully the large game migrations will also come south.

    • I fear the thought that I may become part of the mob.

      There isn’t any “may” about it.
      Accounts from the siege of Stalingrad show that when hungry enough, people go mad and commit unspeakable acts in the name of assuaging the hunger.

      May such things pass us by and never be seen.

    • “I remember reading about the blight during the Little Ice Age; it caused hallucinations. I wonder if they will see “Leprechauns”, or “Elves, Fauns and Fairies”?”

      Many are already hallucinating – they are seeing unfettered global warming caused by the ogres of greenhouse gasses! LOL

    • In wet conditions rye will produce a lot more of the fungus ergot. Ergot can cause LSD type effects and anthropologists are pretty sure that is what happened in many villages in the Middle Ages. And in one village in France in the 1950’s. But “ergotism” can also cause serious health problems such as gangrene and even death. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ergotism

      Extended periods of cool, wet weather in Northern Europe have caused many famines in the past.

      • yes, Ergot is a precursor to the manufacture of LSD. Ergotamine tartrate (sometimes used to treat migraine headache) is a potent vasoconstrictor, ingested in large amounts it causes gangrene in the outer limbs… and worse, as you point out.

  3. More wet news from UK
    Note the part about the “roads turning to ice”.

    From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-20480325

    The Environment Agency has two flood alerts in place, but no flood warnings.
    The Met Office weather warning follows Thursday’s high winds and heavy rain which left homes and businesses flooded.
    Motorists were also badly affected and traffic was brought to a standstill as the A55 in north west Wales closed.
    The clean-up is continuing and Gwynedd council has put its gritting team on standby.
    “Due to the possibility of further extreme weather over the weekend which may involved standing water on roads turning to ice, we have put our gritting teams on standby,” said Gareth Roberts, Gwynedd council’s environment cabinet member.
    “We would urge motorists to check the weather reports before embarking on any journeys, especially at night, and to proceed with care,” he added.
    Members of the public who experience difficulties as a result of the weather can ring the council’s contact centre, Galw Gwynedd, on 01766 771000.

  4. A classic symptom that we are heading for a cooler, icy period. I’ll go as far as to say we already have one foot in a little ice age.

    • Not much meat on a starving rioter. Much more on the fat cats – you know, the ones who are profiteering from the global warming hoax. In the UK that’s David Cameron, Tim Yeo and Lord Deben (formally John Selvin Gummer). They are feeding on the dead bodies of the 2,700 who die EACH YEAR as a result of the extra fuel costs caused by “clean” energy – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15359312 Would we want to eat those 3 sick b******s though?

      • To be specific, I should say it’s David Cameron’s father-in-law who’s profiting from the global warming hoax rather than DC himself. Don’t suppose he’d be any more tasty than DC though! LOL

    • So what. The sooner we get out of the ‘they’ mentality the better. When push comes to shove, what ‘they’ say won’t even be able to reach most people, so focus on being able to push further and shove harder.

  5. In Germany, school children from kindergarten on up go on field trips every year and are taught how to forage for food in the wilds. Italy does the same. I once read about how some Italian guy lost his job and was unable to pay his rent and other bills. He moved into an abandoned cabin and foraged for his own food until he was able to find another job. The guy said that it was wonderful to be able to find his own food and he didn’t worry about starving. None of the schools in the USA teach this knowledge. Look at how helpless the average person was on Staten Island and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. Doubt that the Italians and Germans would have been the same way.

  6. As much as it would be tragic to lose innocent people over this we also have the possibility of losing the environmentalists due to starvation and shall we say civil disturbances. Even the elites will be tested to see if they are fit to survive.

  7. To David, “Accounts from the siege of Stalingrad show that when hungry enough, people go mad and commit unspeakable acts in the name of assuaging the hunger.”

    Hey, you only have to look at the effect that Black Friday has on humanity.. assaults, mass hysteria, murder and attempted murder.. all for the “hugering” over a crappy cellphone to replace the perfectly good one they already have.. or a $2.00 set of sheets. Now just imagine when.. not if.. the food starts to run out.. I do NOT want to find myself in that position..thank God I rarely ever visit shopping malls and we are self-sufficient in much of our food anyway!

  8. I have been wondering for years what we do with the prisoners. Do you waste food on rapists murderers and pedophiles?

    • The biggest criminals are those that rule through manipulating the system. Those that are manipulating our media. Those that are wasting our money on windfarms so they can profit. Those that are using agricultural land for energy crops. They are killing thousands every year in the UK alone by increasing energy costs http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15359312 and they will be killing thousands more by leaving us unprepared for what’s to come. They are highly trained killers – most of the people in jail are just gifted amateurs in comparison!

    • We could sacrifice them to the gods of the weather. Humanity has done that before and it worked. Look how many we are !

  9. Well, Robert… here in NE Italy we have, due to winds and air currents, an incredibly warm weather. I think, if this go on during an ice age, many people will try to install in this yet overcrowded area. Fighting will be ferocious…

    • Indeed! I have been thinking about things like that, too. Did you see where Oprah Winfrey is going to start doing organic farming – in Hawaii!?! Maybe she’ll use fields right next to Obama’s new $35 million estate that he’s buying. Something tells me she’s not in it to become a large ag conglomerate. And things are already very expensive in Hawaii. You can bet she’s planning to sell her produce for much more than she could get elsewhere – because they can pay the high prices. Aside from that, though, I have been wondering if all the globe-trotting the AGW-ers are doing has just been to set themselves up with refuges in the places most likely to remain uncovered by glaciers. Ya think?

  10. Certain comments here and elsewhere seem to take for granted that USA agriculture is impervious to or unaffected by climatic effects, comparable to those in England. No way.

    In the midwest breadbasket, in the past few years, there’ve been floods and droughts of Biblical proportions. There’ve been dustclouds and early frosts. No doubt all caused by global warming, nevertheless . . .

    Where’s the planning? If you preach global warming, then droughts are a big part of the picture, so why wasn’t the American midwest preparing?

    We coolists don’t need to be alarmists, we don’t need to spread fear. We need to provide answers. If you’ve been preaching the ice age all along, and it suddenly starts getting really cold and snowy, frightened people, in the face of extreme danger, not only are going to ask you why it’s happening, but also are going to ask you what can be done about it. Where’s the planning?

    • “If you preach global warming, then droughts are a big part of the picture, so why wasn’t the American midwest preparing?”

      Actually droughts are a part of the big picture of Ice-Ages:

      “Ice cores taken from long-term ice deposits such as in Greenland show that not only snow was deposited then that turned to ice during the last five major ice ages, but that during each of those ice ages large amounts of dust were deposited as well. That indicates that during the ice ages there were generally arid conditions throughout much of the world. If global warming causes arid conditions to end, as some climatologists posit, please, let us have some more warming, we need rain, not sand dunes.”

  11. Fungus, just one of many things that can go wrong with the food supply when there is climate change due to natural causes. Add to that a much drier climate in many other places that would otherwise be productive but for lack of rainfall. Don’t count on the US “breadbasket.” Desert and sand dunes covered much of it during the last period of ice.

    It has all the makings of a perfect storm.

  12. This should be put into context by saying that we entered Spring with a very bad drought situation and water restrictions in several areas.

    Just because we’ve had one horrendously wet summer doesn’t mean every year will be like this.

    Clearly, the previous three weren’t, or we wouldn’t have had a drought, would we?!

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