U.S. – 529 Record Lows in April

Record low temps in 43 states!

324 (Broken records) + 205 (Tied Records) = 529 Total


INCLUDES FAIRFIELD, SC, which, with a low of 19 F on April 14, beat old record by 10 degrees.

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13 thoughts on “U.S. – 529 Record Lows in April”

  1. But the lying NOAA said it was the warmest April ever. You can have this many record lows uin the warmest April ever.It just like a couple of years ago where they said it was the warmest June in Idaho but Idaho lost crops due a freeze. You can not trust the government any more. They speak with a fork tongue.

    • Bill, this part..You can not trust the government any more.

      actually we NEVER could trust any of our governments, and I am not american..
      NONE of them have ever told the citizens much in the way of truth, in good times OR bad.
      If they ever did- even the thickest folks might just begin to wonder why we allow what they do to us and why we bother having em round and paying them to screw all our nations.
      invade or privacy our homes in the case of local so called government, fine harrass and tax us for just being alive, let alone working for the economies of our respective countries.
      its just that NOW, with the net..we can see whats happening because fairfax murdoch and all the other owners cannot control the news, just 20 years back the warmist crowd as well as the eugenics mongrels would have and nearly did manage to hold sway and control all the info create fear and lie blatantly.
      OUR Freedom to see, read, chat and think is their biggest fear.
      people werent aware of just who owned or was involved in govt and their agendas, ie the GM, all the rest of the food pharmas, controlling all our options, they did, now they dont, so hence Codex , the HR laws ruining farms, the kyoto lie and the agenda 21 millenium crap.

  2. And 25 of the 50 all-time record high temperatures set in each of the 50 US States were recorded in the 1930’s.

    So much for global warming, climate change, or whatever they are calling “IT” these days.

    • Yes Charles and down here in southeast Texas we’re in one of those places that have been having record high temperatures… So I’m still hoping that someday we’ll stop seeing all these record high temps where we live!!

  3. When looking at these records, we need to take into account period of record. The majority of records belong to stations with shorter histories. Look for records in 100+ years of history. Whether warm or cool, the list gets a lot smaller, but tends to be more meaningful.

    • For April, there were 3,854 record highs with 552(14.3%) of them being from 100+yr stations. Early April was really warm across the C. US, while the last week of April was really warm in the West. This comprises most of the records. For the lows, 529 with only 40(7.5%) of them from 100+yr stations. Mostly in the West and east of the Mississippi River.

      For May so far(11th), 1,181 record highs, but only 84(7.1%) from 100+yr stations. 144 record lows with 8(5.6%) from 100+yr stations. Highs are mostly from the C. and S. Plains eastward through the Midwest and Southeast. Lows are from mostly the N. Rockies and PNW.

      March was very warm with 7,755 records of which 1,568(20.2%) were from 100+yr stations, mainly from the front range of the Rockies eastward. Only 287 record lows with 12(4.2%) from 100+yr stations, mainly from the West.

  4. To be fair, look at the record high temperatures for the month. 2914 broken + 940 tied = 3854 total, so NOAA saying it was a warm month is not totally without justification.

  5. What is the mean number for record lows for April and the standard deviation? 529 record lows by its self doesn’t mean much.

  6. The Weather Channel had a report on just yesterday about the “record heat gripping the nation.”

    Somebody LIE to me and tell me that there is No Agenda and we’re all just a bunch of kooky conspiracy theorists….(sarc)

    • You’re absolutely right Frank… I just watched the Weather Channel this morning and they’re predicting a massive heatwave to move across the US with temps 20 degrees above normal…

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