U.S. nuclear submarine surfaced through the ice in the Arctic – Video

“Note the crew members using a chainsaw to free the ship’s hull from the ice crust,” says reader.(Apparently not much global warming in the Arctic right now.)

The USS Toledo nuclear submarine surfaced, breaking ice, in the Arctic, a corresponding video was posted on the YouTube channel of the U.S. Navy .

USS Toledo Arrives at Ice Camp Seadragon – Ice Exercise (ICEX) – 7 Mar 2020

ICEX 2020 is a three-week biennial exercise that offers the Navy the opportunity to assess its operational readiness in the Arctic and train with other services, partner nations and Allies to increase experience in the region, and maintain regional stability while improving capabilities to operate in the Arctic environment.

Thanks to Alexey Parkhomenko for this video

“The submarine had trouble apparently because of rapid freezing – in the Arctic,” says Alexey.

8 thoughts on “U.S. nuclear submarine surfaced through the ice in the Arctic – Video”

  1. Rather them than me do such a silly thing. Anything could have gone wrong. Say the ice shifted and capsized the submarine? Best stay a good couple of fathoms under the ice, where it is warm compared to the air temperature, and stop pulling off childish looking stunts.

  2. Everyone interested in polar regions should check out Fridtjof Nansen. The first to cross Greenland and he also tried to drift across the north pole, when he realized he missed he left for the north pole by foot with Johansen in 1895. They did not make the pole but survived a year before returning. When famine broke out in socialist Russia in 1921-1922, Nansen organized a relief program for millions of people. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922.

  3. Not sure who was already on the ice to film the surfacing, but do notice that the conning tower didn’t have any of the masts/periscopes/whatever extended as it first broached. With them up, afterwards, it makes it look like the ice is thin. Since it is sitting so low in the water, I would have to guess that the ice layer isn’t exactly thin. It would have been a bit hilarious if it got stuck in the ice and required a Russian icebreaker to break up the ice around it so it could submerge.

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