UK Covid-19 deaths have dropped off sharply – So why the mask mandate?

Fantastic video from Tony Heller – Coronavirus ‘disappearing’ so fast that Oxford vaccine has ‘only 50% chance of working’

Researchers say the virus is disappearing and very few people are getting infected. So why would the government suddenly mandate masks?

“What the government is doing doesn’t make any sense,” says Tony.

The comments are really interesting:

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  1. By the way, re the Oxford vaccine development–
    “In the case of the Oxford University vaccine, in animal experiments all six rhesus monkeys fell ill with Covid19 despite vaccination and were as infectious as the unvaccinated monkeys. Nevertheless, the vaccine was moved on to the human test phase”

    The Moderna vaccine development–
    “novel RNA vaccine from Moderna, which was unusually tested directly in human experiments, 20% of the participants in the high-dose group had a “serious side effect”, although Moderna only allowed very healthy people to try it.

    “One of the Moderna participants was then presented and interviewed by CNN as a “hero”. However, it was agreed not to mention that the participant passed out after the vaccination and became “as sick as never before in his life”. Several experts also criticized Moderna for not disclosing their clinical data sufficiently.”

  2. Wearing the mask after the pandemic is as silly as wearing the condom when you are holding the little baby in your arms.

  3. because france n spain have reflared again
    quarantine now for anyone returning/arriving from spain announced today
    looking at gross behaviour of poms IN spain wouldnt surprise me if they took it to them.
    i never understood why the hell they didnt impose shut out /quarantine and banned airtravel in uk in early stages either.
    in Aus sth aus told expats in Victoria to get back by 12am tues or be locked out..for the foreseeable future
    sort of asking to get a mass influx OF possibly asymptomatics rushing home.

    • But, Laurel– excuse me, but do you think they should shut down borders every flu season for the flu, too? What data are you using to buy into the idea that this is more serious than flu? I see how intelligent you are by your posts, so tell us & we’ll discuss it.

  4. The Government is worried about votes, have to listen to scientists and have to worry about the financial situation. It has to give the people what they think they want, to stay popular. I do a government survey and most people who do it said they think everyone should wear masks all of the time.

    • Kelvin, they did not start all this fraudulent propaganda in order to give people when they think they want. They did it in order to have a pretext to shut down the economy to reduce the standard of living. They want to make us desperate so that we will go along with their tyrannical plans for us.

      • I dread the vaccine well over and above the virus (which I suspect of being a fake story anyway).
        That and starvation as the economy tanks. It’s early days yet but distancing will kill off your takings if you only allow 2 customers into your shop at one time. I warned about the economic consequences of lockdown since January and I have yet to change my tune.
        Bit like Robert who stays true to his teachings of the Ice Age no matter how many well meaning but misguided Influences like Greta tell us otherwise.
        I can live without alcohol. However I do need food and my warnings about starvation need to be taken seriously post pandemic.

  5. We do have an infantile narcissist as Prime Minister who is also quite thick and keeps using bits of Latin to try to make people think he is clever. I would be amazed if he was still there at the end of next year, either having been dumped by the party as toxic or gone of his own free will as being PM is not the fun he thought it would be.

  6. Rosemary Frei is the health care worker who was interviewed by Corbett Report on how the UK created on purpose the high death rate in care homes.

    Now she has written an article in which she explains How Public-Health Officials and Other Administrators Got So Much Power: I am speechless with rage. You must read it.

    • Penelope, don’t forget little tidbits like the UK Coroner not even having to see the body and of course now one Doctor can sign the death off not forgetting it just has to seem like as if it might be perhaps Corona to be called such.
      Habeas Corpus, nah don’t bother it’ll be Covid. The very foundation of the English legal system down the tubes.

  7. Of course it’s illogical! But if
    You are part of the Great Reset ( Davos and the World Economic Forum) it makes perfect sense.

    Transform the world economic model and change society for a brave new technocracy.

    If we keep asking stupid questions believing the politicians are just stupid we will be finished.

    Check out Harry Vox interview from 2014. He reads the Rockefeller foundation plan ‘Lockstep’ a move to a totalitarian government

  8. Image caption Leo Varadkar thanked China’s PM for his country’s support in providing medical equipment to deal with the Covid-19 crisis

  9. In South Africa the Flu- and Cold-numbers have decreased noticeably this winter. It is concluded to be the result of precautions against Covid19 (washing hands, wearing face-masks, social distancing, etcetera).
    Reminds me of a “van der Merwe” joke (like an Irish joke): Van der Merwe is doing his doctorate on communication between humans and fleas. First he trained some fleas to follow orders, like “jump”. Then he removed first one leg from all fleas, but they still jumped when ordered. And so on until the fleas were all leg-less, and did not respond to his orders to jump. Van der Merwe’s conclusion was, that fleas with no legs can’t hear!

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