UK deep freeze could last all month

Below average temps for “much of February and perhaps even into March”.

6 Feb 2018 – Commuters again faced travel delays on Tuesday, with heavy snowfall and widespread ice triggering multiple pile-ups on motorways and cancelled flights, along with warnings that Britain will be gripped by freezing weather all month.

The Met Office said a “prolonged cold period” with below average temperatures was expected for “much of February and perhaps even into March”.

Forecasters said temperatures could sink to -11C (12F) in parts of Scotland and northern England tonight, with predicted lows of -14C (6.8F) before the weekend.

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  1. Syrian Refugees die from cold on their way to Lebanon.

    Who thought you could die from cold and frostbite in North Africa and read about it on CNN?

    Algerian Army called to clear roads covered in snow just like happenend in Spain on the 7th of januari.

    Luckaly they already had an emergency plan available from the last winter:

    This Dutch article comes with a video report from Ageria, Morocco, Spain, France, Bosnia etc.

  2. 3 degrees C below average here in West Yorkshire at -3, according to Accuweather. So not excessive yet but I’m on the edge of the Pennines so it’s a wait and see for the wilder predictions.

  3. Another North, North Westerly Arctic Plunge is forcast for this weekend, with strong winds Rain, Snow, frost in sequence.
    Wet snow at low levels, power above 500ft and above.
    Continuing cold, Intersting drive back last night though Westmidlands and in Stafordshire, the wet snow level started at Cannock Chase at 450Ft. -3 to -5 this morning the car looks like an ice cube.
    I notice that the very early start (6 week early) to the ice season in the Arctic has had its knockon effects to the level of cold in the NH Continental winters, with the Great lakes ice cover now should levels expected in March, Russian winter tempreture far lower than normal , fishing vessels iced up in China. It all adds up.
    Yet the propagander producing English speaking Met offices will once again trumpet another year increasing average tempretures, while the tax authories pilage your back pockets for AGW energy levies.

  4. The nearest weather station to you is probably Bingley No.2. I’ve got daily records back to 1908 (not taken by me, obviously :-)) – for today the average max temp is 6.1 degrees. The forecast is 3-ish.

    January this year was highly variable from very cold to unseasonably warm. January ended up slightly above normal.

    February temperatures have been below normal and they normally dip down until reaching the lowest point about valentine’s day. They then start to climb and it’s not unusual to have sping-like spells in WY around that time lasting a few days. In fact it’s fairly typical. This month though is likely to be below average.

    Long term we should expect a small change year on year as we follow fluctuations in the suns output (amongst other things – as far as mankind can discern).

    • Hi Gareth,
      Yes you are right for the av midlands tempreture during the day below 500ft at this time of year. I still had a frost to clean off the car yesterday morning.
      The waether variablity of our Oceanic set of islands is dependent on the time of year and the wind direction.
      The UK prevaling wind is from the South West/West which maintains the year round average of around 12-14C.
      However, the Jetstreams and their meridonial nature have been playing havoc with the normal events of tempreture and wind direction.
      Similar weather distruption took place during the seventies and SC20.
      The other point is the data you are using, and there is nothing wrong with it, other than its scope. The records started during the latter third of the cool Gleissberg period 1890 to 1945, since 1945 the high energy Solar warm period has lasted untill 2008.
      We are now in a Dalton like GSM.

  5. In the South East it has just reached freezing overnight and in London – UHI centre – it has reached 40F.

  6. Give it another 5 years & this weather will last ALL WINTER LONG & the rest of the year will be only slightly warmer. Suggest you head for the tropics. One good thing could come of this…all the migrants will say “sod this for a lark,I’m going home”. Never know your luck!

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