UK – Heavy snow causes wide-spread disruption

Hundreds of schools closed, flights cancelled, rail services disrupted, four killed in serious crashes after heavy snow hit parts of the UK.

Weather warnings remain in place across the UK, with heavy snow forecast for much of Scotland on Wednesday.

Scotland’s transport minister has warned of potentially “extreme” weather conditions later this week.

An amber warning – meaning a possible risk to life and property – is in place for much of eastern Scotland from 06:00 GMT on Wednesday.

Less severe yellow warnings of snow cover much of Scotland, England and Wales.

Experts warn of ‘treacherous’ roads as -12C deadly storm hits.

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12 thoughts on “UK – Heavy snow causes wide-spread disruption”

  1. For those of you here not living in the UK, schools are now closed if there are a few snowflakes in the air – let alone the snowflakes that attend the schools. In my day I don’t recall any weather closures at school and that includes times when roads had to be dug clear. If you couldn’t make it in fair enough, but the school was open.

  2. And today that amber warning has been upgraded to a red warning for all of central Scotland.
    Poetic justice if Sturgeon and cronies freeze to death in the new look global warming.

    • They are awfully quiet just now! Don’t worry they will be out when it is “the hottest day of the year so far” mantra! When you think on it, you are always going to get a hottest day of the year, it doesn’t mean it’s hotter than any previous year, just the hottest so far.

  3. Been tanking it down in Scotland yesterday and all of today so far. Most snow I think I’ve seen in a long time, possibly ever. Bitter cold Easterly with frequent snow and widespread drifting, even here in the balmy rainy West. Everyone has been sent home from work as the Met office issued an Red warning for central belt of Scotland.

  4. “Extreme” weather, really?

    I have no sympathy. Really I don’t. Europeans live in a COLD environment and to be unprepared, physically, materially, intellectually and emotionally for WINTER & SNOW, just makes me shake my head.

    You Live In The “Frozen” North……… Stop your whining.

    Where do you think you Europeans came from, A couple 100,000 years of this FREEZING winter created your “Tribe”. Evolution was brutal but it created the Saxon, the Visigoths, the Vikings…..the Europeans.

    You don’t just LOOK different, you are genetically altered by this brutal crucible.

    So, man up and get used to it since we may have a few thousand years of this.

    • While I generally agree with your point (I’m one of those Viking / Celt /Goth crosses with some Neanderthal mixed in), AND I’ve wandered around in the snow at the ski lodge in the Sierra Nevada Mountains wearing only slacks and office dress shirt at 10 F and wasn’t bothered too much by it:

      I really am happy to live in the valley warm area of California and will be moving to hot Florida as soon as possible. Warmer really IS better and more comfortable. Even for folks like me. I can take the cold, but I’d rather leave it 😉

  5. I sincerely hope and pray that the good Tax Paying British citizens can open their pockets, even more, to provide the necessary apartments, clothing, coats, heating and transportation for the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of deserving “refugees” that Europe has invited in.

    We must not be cruel and suggest they go back to their countries.

  6. Living in Yorkshire we are more used to snow than most other parts of England. What is unusual about this episode is we have had 48 hours of on and off snow showers, with the likelihood of four more days of this. This is not frontal snow , but a U.K. equivalent of the US lake effect snow. In our case it is persistent east winds crossing the North Sea and generating persistent snow showers. Can’t recall anything like this for many years.

    • So how’s the windmill farm doing in these snow showers? Making enough to keep folks warm?

      (I figure solar is likely near zero under snow…)

    • Yes, I noticed that looking at the radar when it was snowing hard in London to see that it would be short-lived. My corner of Surrey has not seen that much snow and most of it has blown away in the wind of yesterday and today.

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